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Taster cruises, or short-break cruises as they are also known, are an ideal way for those new to cruising to introduce themselves to the wonder of life at sea, and for us hardy cruisers to escape for a few days before the next big ocean adventure.

The big question asked by many though is can you really relax with just a few days at sea? To which my answer would be an undoubted yes, you can.

I have had the pleasure of doing several short cruise breaks and with a variety of cruise lines, including MSC Cruises, Cruise and Maritime Voyages, and  Norwegian Cruise Line, and they have all been rather pleasant – I also have a short break on Anthem of the Seas and Queen Victoria to look forward to later in the year.

As I say to everyone, a cruise is whatever YOU make of it. Nothing is dictated to you. How much or how little you do is entirely up to you, so if you want your cruise break to be action-packed then fill it with adventure, or if you want it to be more relaxed then relax in the spa, on the open deck or however else you please – it’s a cruise, not prison!

Short-break cruises are also ideal for those that may not be entirely sure if cruising is right for them. Rather than spend money on a 2-week voyage, short cruises of 2, 3 and 4-nights offer a chance to sample the highlights, experience what it is like to be aboard a ship and decide if a day in one place is enough for them.

The only problem with taking a short cruise is that if you fall in love with life on the open ocean, you have robbed yourself of several more evenings enjoying it. My first cruise was actually a 12-night Canary Islands voyage; at the time I was adamant that 12-nights was more than long enough, but after less than 24-hours on-board I was regretting not going with a 14-night or more option. I know 12-nights is not exactly a taster cruise, but it gives you an idea of what my way of thinking was, with regards to the benefits of a shorter voyage should you not like it.

I must admit, I do enjoy the odd cruise that is for just a few nights, I love my long voyages (the longer the better for me), but having 2 or 3-nights to break up the wait between one big adventure and the next is often a nice little treat.

So, let me finish this, taster cruises are fantastic! A great way to escape for a few days or try cruising for the first time without a huge expense.

Go for it!

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