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Salvador may not be the first place many people think of visiting on a cruise around Brazil – but don’t miss the opportunity! There’s an unforgettable energy about the place that will make your cruise one to remember.

Of course, we’ve got all the best deals on cruises visiting Salvador – check out our Caribbean cruise deals page as a starting point. Or keep reading to find out more about the city.

About Salvador

Salvador (full title Salvador da Bahia), once the capital of Portugal’s New World colony, is a true hidden gem amongst the more popular Brazilian tourist destinations such as Rio de Janeiro.

It’s a haven for lovers of architecture, with an array of well-preserved 17th and 18th Century buildings reminding of the city’s colonial past. There are also some beautiful churches that make for a great photography subject.

If you’re here at the right time, you might be lucky enough to witness one of the many street festivals, where drums reverberate through the streets. Later at night you might see capoeira circles in the plazas.

There’s also a strong religious side to the city. Descendents of African slaves living here have kept their heritage and continue to devote themselves to African gods.

Book your cruise visiting Salvador with Cruise 1st Australia

You can book a cruise stopping off at Salvador by visiting our Caribbean cruise deals page, or by visiting the homepage and searching for Salvador. We update these deals regularly, so if you can’t see anything you like, make sure you check again soon.

Here are some of the best deals on cruises visiting Salvador:

Fort Lauderdale to Rio de Janeiro with 1 night hotel stay
Cruising on Queen Mary 2
19th January 2016 for 14 nights

This cruise begins at Fort Lauderdale, where you’ll stay one night in a hotel. From there you’ll visit Bridgetown, Salvador and Rio de Janeiro, before flying back to Australia.

New York to Rio de Janeiro with 1 night hotel stay
Cruising on Queen Mary 2
16th January 2016 for 17 nights

After a 1-night hotel stay in New York, you’ll embark on your cruise which visits Fort Lauderdale, Bridgetown, Salvador and Rio de Janeiro. Then you’ll fly back to Australia.

Southampton to Rio de Janeiro with hotel stays
Cruising on Queen Mary 2
8th January 2016 for 26 nights

This trip begins with a 1 night hotel stay in London. From there you’ll travel to Southampton, where your cruise begins. You’ll visit New York, Fort Lauderdale, Bridgetown, Salvador and Rio de Janeiro. After a final hotel stay in Rio, you’ll fly back home.

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