Cruise Holiday Travel Guide: Buenos Aires


The city of Buenos Aires is a must-visit for anyone hoping to explore the cultural heart of South America. You can find cruises visiting this magnificent city and other destinations around South America on our Brazil cruise deals page, or by visiting our home page and searching for Buenos Aires.

But read on to find out more about why Buenos Aires is such a great place to visit.

About Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, literally translated as ‘Good Airs’ or ‘Fair Winds’, was so named by the Spanish sailors that arrived in the River de la Plata by the blessings of ‘the holy Virgin Mary of the Good Winds’ (‘Santa Maria de los Buenos Aires).

It is often remarked that the city is similar to a large European city, but still has a unique South American feel to it. You’ll find a huge array of dining options in the countless restaurants that line many of the streets – but good meat is what the place is really known for. You’ll find the tastiest steaks of all cuts on every corner.

You’ll need all that food to fuel your shopping (if you’re so inclined). That’s right – this is a haven for shoppers, with everything from large shopping malls to street sellers offering local goods.

Or perhaps you’ll want to take advantage of the city’s nightlife – whether pubs, clubs or rock concerts are your thing, you’ll find it here.

And then there’s some beautiful architecture to take in – perfect for photo opportunities.

Book your cruise visiting Buenos Aires

One way to find the best deals on cruises visiting Buenos Aires is to visit our Brazil cruise deals page. Many of the cruises around Brazil also stop off at Buenos Aires, making for a fantastic overview of the rich South American culture.

We update our deals on a regular basis, so make sure you check again soon if you can’t find something you like.

Here are some of our favourite deals on Buenos Aires cruises:

Rio, Iguazu Falls and South America
Cruising on MZ Zaandam
2nd November 2015 for 23 nights

Setting off from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, this cruise stops off at Iguazu Falls, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Port Stanley, Punta Arenas (Chile), Ushuaia, Puerto Montt and Valparaiso. Includes exclusive tour of Rio de Janeiro and Iguazu Falls.

Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay with 1 night Rio stay
Cruising on MSC Lirica
3rd December 2015 for 10 nights

Your cruise begins at Rio de Janeiro and visits Buenos Aires, Punta del Este, Ilhabela and Rio de Janeiro. Package includes return flights and a 1-night hotel stay in Rio de Janeiro.

Image sourced via Flickr Creative Commons. Credit: Jesus Alexander Reyes Sanchez

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