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Travelling on a cruise, without a care in the world except enjoying every exhilarating experience on offer, one of the things always mentioned by passengers is food. Regardless of their destination and trip itinerary, their relished on board dining experience is something that stays with them and fills many conversations back home.

Savour the flavours

Cruise1st knows how important this element can be. We’ve all got to eat, haven’t we? Not only can you expect familiar favourites from the extensive menus, but there is an abundance of exquisite dishes to tempt you from all around the world.

Celebrity Chefs

Several cruise ships can boast the services of celebrity chefs behind their menus and working in their kitchens. Such is the cachet and prestige of working on board luxury cruise ships, it is a great addition to their resumes when they return to land. Celebrity chefs might be able to experiment with new and daring additions to their signature dishes, but they must make sure that whatever they create is superb. Their diners are with them for the duration of the cruise and word of mouth recommendations are highly sought.

Names You’ll Know

Several world famous chefs have embraced the cruise experience. Depending on their schedule and which ship you are on, you could dine on the fare provided by famous names like Jacques Pepin, Gary Rhodes, Aldo Zilli, Marco Pierre White, James Martin or Nobuyuki “Nobu” Matsuhisa. They get a chance to enjoy the trip too when they are not in the kitchens of the restaurants and cafeterias and most of them enjoy engaging with diners to ensure the experience has been memorable and enjoyable.

For a Few Dollars More

Gourmet dining prepared by world class chefs might be experienced by a Londoner in Australia who tells a fellow passenger from Madrid, or a vendor in a port of call . . . the opportunity to achieve global acclaim is endless. Even budget travellers can choose to dine in restaurants on board and indulge in epicurean fantasies they would be unable to encounter otherwise. It’s in their interest to provide the very best cuisine – their reputation is on the line. When would you get this type of opportunity again? It might cost an extra few pounds or dollars, but there is no taxi required to take you there and back, no babysitters to organise. Those savings alone make it more than affordable.

When you return home, you might tune into their latest TV show or buy their books because of your positive experience.

Snap it Up

Mouth-watering displays of fresh produce will entice you to gorge on the exquisite fare. It’s up to you to moderate your intake so after a top class meal accompanied by your choice of wines from renowned vineyards, allow a little time for your meal to settle before you burn it off dancing, sight-seeing, playing games or swimming in the pool.

Breakfasts, snacks, luncheons, dinners and suppers with healthy options and international variety are waiting for your indulgence. And – you probably will photograph them because they look so good.

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