Celebrity name new godmothers for Celebrity Reflection


Cruise line picks VIP staff for honour, in order to mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Four employees from the Celebrity Cruise Line have been awarded one of the highest honours as Godmothers of the new Solstice Class series ship, Celebrity Reflection.

Richard D Fain who is The Chairman of Celebrity Cruises and Chairman & CEO of parent company Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd and Michael Bayley the CEO & President of Celebrity Cruises announced that wanted to mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October) in a truly unique and significant way.  Two employees from their ships staff and two from the corporate offices will become Godmothers of Celebrity Reflection, the fifth ship in the Solstice Class series.

All four are amazing individuals with some very special achievements and have really incredible stories to tell, including overcoming breast cancer.

The new Godmothers of Celebrity Reflection are:-

Jovanka Goronjic :  Jovanka started work with Celebrity Cruises in 2009 as part of their AquaSpa staff.  Previously she worked at the sister brand Royal Caribbean International.  Her mother was unfortunately diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005, and had to have many sessions of therapy.  Celebrity supported Jovanka when she decided to take time off work to help her mother endure the treatments and she has recently defeated this illness.  In support of her mother, Jovanka decided to donate her own hair to be made into wigs for cancer patients.  Jovanka is now the Manager of the AquaSpa on the cruise ship Celebrity Constellation.

Megan Mathie :  Earlier this year, Megan had the disastrous news that her sister and mother had both been diagnosed with breast cancer and she made the difficult decision to fly home to be with them.  Megan, is a glassblowing artist as part of the Hot Glass Show which is currently on board the Celebrity Solstice, and was previously on the Celebrity Eclipse.  Her mother and sister persuaded her to return to her job and Megan decided to raise funds for Breast Cancer research by organising a ‘Hot Pink Glass Show’ on the Celebrity Solstice with the full support of Celebrity Cruises.  In addition to creating a fantastic piece of pink glassware for auction, the show gives her story and that of her mother and sister.  Funds raised go to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) who are Celebrity’s charitable partner.

Helen O’Connell :  Helen has been an employee of Celebrity Cruises for eight years and she is currently Manager of Community Relations.  She is passionate about volunteering.  She is well known for her part in the G.I.V.E (Get Involved Volunteer Everywhere) Day which is Celebrity’s corporate annual volunteering event held in South Florida and many other ports of call and offices around the world.  Helen is also a liaison contact with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and takes a lead in the Celebrity fundraising for BCRF.  In 2009 she was diagnosed with breast cancer herself and at the same time she was supporting her father in New York who was fighting bone cancer.

Rosey Rodriguez :  Rosey has been an employee of RCCL for over 17 years.  She currently manages the Special Events team and is a primary influence in organising events that lead up to the launch of Solstice Class ships.  A single mother of two, Alexis 15 and Joey 21, Rosey was diagnosed with stage-3 breast cancer in June this year.  She is determined to beat this and whilst she is entitled to take short-term disability whilst she has treatments, she chooses to take her laptop to hospital with her, and works remotely when she needs to.  Her team say she is a truly dedicated leader and much admired by other employees of  the company.

“The breast cancer cause is one we’ve adopted across the Celebrity brand, and one with deep meaning for each of these women and their four predecessors,” said Fain. “These ladies are not only inspiring in their professional lives, but in their personal lives, as well, with each of them devoted to their own and our company’s interest in doing all we can to find a cure for breast cancer.”

“These impressive women personify the qualities we admire among our Solstice Class Godmothers: remarkable strength and courage, along with optimism, warmth and genuine care for others,” said Bayley. “They beautifully represent countless other women within our company and around the world who have battled the disease or supported the cause in honor of friends or family who have done so.”

Back in 2008, Celebrity Solstice held an event on board to raise funds to allow low income woman to have breast cancer screenings.  In association with Walk the Walk, the charity founded by Nina Barough, Godmother of Celebrity Equinox, they held Celebrity Sunwalk.  Last year Celebrity Cruises adopted The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) as their corporate partner.  Guests have the chance to make a change whilst they are on vacation with on-board experiences that raise funds and the awareness of BCRF.

The four new Godmothers of Celebrity Reflection will oversee the naming ceremony of the ship on 1st December in Miami.   Also present will be the Godmothers of the other Solstice ships.

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