Carnival Spirit holds press event…


… and receives accolades and praise from journalists!

Carnival Spirit arrived in Sydney and has caused quite a stir and reports abound on Twitter and other social media sites after the taster sailing for media and travel agents the other night.

Carnival America clearly went all out with the party atmosphere to show off the best this big ship had to offer.  They have set out to ‘Aussiefy’ the ship ready for its base in Sydney and it was a chance for those who will influence cruisers decisions to decide whether this was a good or bad thing.

“Read all about it…” The reviews have come in:

Some tweeters who have not had chance to travel on such a large ship before were somewhat overcome with the facilities available.  The Nouveau Restaurant featured heavily on the comments, with its access via transparent staircase to Deck 10, and good old fashioned elegant dress code.  Eating here will cost cruisers a further $35 surcharge, with bookings on a first come basis – but the general consensus was it was definitely worth it.  Prime cuts of beef are brought to the table on a trolley, to display the quality and selection of meat available.  These are then cooked to perfection with one twitter user declaring “one of the best steaks I’ve ever had – perfectly cooked and ideally seasoned.”  Yummy!

As part of the Aussification of the ships, Australian and New Zealand wines are offered for those less interested in widening their tastes and trying something from further afield.  Apparently the Aussie and New Zealand tipples are the first to sell out; it seems that allowing people to stay within their wine ‘comfort zone’ has definitely been appreciated.

It appears nothing is left to chance, with desserts being to die for if you still have the space left.  Comment was made that the chocolate ‘Sampler’ dessert was definitely a dish for sharing!

Plenty of outdoor eating space has been provided with BBQ’s and evening alfresco dining will be the norm with theme nights under the stars.

Experiences souped up for the press?

Several comments were made as to whether the experiences that were offered on this ‘special’ sampler cruise were in some way enhanced to ensure good comments in press and media, but forum postings and tweets from regular cruisers definitely don’t support this.  It appears even the ‘lowly’ downstairs restaurants on board regular cruises receive excellent reviews for their prime rib, roast duck on the menus and glowing comments were received for the thin crust pizzas!

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