Can I Really Spend My Superannuation On Cruising?



When Australian National Party leader, Warren Truss, publicly suggested Aussie pensioners were whittling away their superannuation on cruises, silver sailors were understandably outraged. Opinions were voiced loud and clear on the Cruise Weekly Facebook page, with one woman exclaiming, “Why shouldn’t we enjoy holidays? What the hell are we working towards then?” Another wrote, “Does he know that’s because it’s cheaper to be at sea with all meals included than rent and purchase three meals a day?”

It’s certainly a controversial topic! And to help you decide if spending your superannuation on cruising can be a reality, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide covering everything you need to know!

Seek Financial Advice

At the end of the day, retired over 55’s and anyone over the age of 65 can access their super and use it at their leisure. However before booking your dream cruise, experts strongly advise pensioners to seek personalised advice that is catered to individual circumstances and priorities.

 “I think people need to tread a fine line between having fun now and making sure they have enough money for ‘future fun’ and financial security,” says Paul Birch, Director and Financial Planner at Pacific Wealth.

Ideally, you should be able to embark on at least one cruise while still maintaining your financial security. Any additional getaways can be talked through with a financial planner to ensure that your holiday is financially sensible, stress free and as relaxing as possible.

Think About Your Priorities

To help you decide whether you can realistically spend your superannuation on cruising, it’s important to take your personal priorities into account. If you love travel, adventure and socialising, cruising holidays could offer you a wonderfully rich retirement. Even if you need to make sacrifices in other spending areas, some people say travelling is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer!

However, if you want to move to a fancy retirement home, treat yourself to all the latest gadgets and shower your grandchildren with expensive gifts, you may decide that forking out money on regular cruise trips is not on the top of your priority list.

Find a Great Deal

As seen in Mr Truss’ comments, cruising has a reputation of being an expensive and frivolous luxury. The good news is that this is simply not true! There are some amazing all inclusive deals out there that offer passengers an indulgent cruising experience at a cost that is often cheaper than off a mortgage and covering all the additional costs of everyday living.

And as well as covering accommodation and food, passengers also enjoy unparalleled entertainment, activities and shore excursions. Not to mention the opportunity to travel to exotic locations across the globe! The key is to do your research and find a company that offers luxury cruises at rock bottom prices. Cruise 1st is a great place to start – we work with all the leading liners to bring our customers the very best prices on the market.

Live in the Moment

If you’re thinking about spending your superannuation on a well-deserved cruise, Cruise 1st has some amazing deals that will take you on the getaway of your dreams without breaking the bank. Whether you’ve got your heart set on the tropical delights of Asia or the cosmopolitan cities of Europe, the fantastic range of cruise package deals offers something for every budget.

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