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Although its two all-inclusive ships have never sailed closer than Asia, Azamara has found their popularity is skyrocketing with Australian holidaymakers.

In fact, the company is so popular with Australians that Azamara sees the country as its third-biggest market after the USA and UK.  As such, the company plan to send one of its ships to visit sometime between 2015 and 2016.

In 2010, the company underwent a rebranding exercise, changing its focus and relaunching itself as “the value leader in premium cruising.”  Both the company’s brand and product offerings were  revamped, and the line now offers more overnight stays to fit in with its core offering of “destination immersion.”

It looks like the rebrand is the cause of Azamara’s popularity in Australia.  The company’s statistics show that sales for the country have risen by a HUGE 480%!

Edie Bornstein is the senior vice president for Azamara’s marketing & sales division, she visited Sydney (twice), Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane over six days last week.  She told Cruise Weekly that one of her company’s ships will finally visit the country, and sail to Sydney,  in either “late 2015 or early 2016”.

“That is our goal and our hope,” she added.

Bornstein could not confirm any further ports of call during the interview.

Bornstein refers to the two ships Azamara Journey and Azamara Quest with great affection. She calls them the company’s “two jewel boxes, our twins”.

Meanwhile, she mused about the ships’ offerings, and why they appeal to Australian customers:

“The dress code is casual – you don’t have to dress up, no tie and jacket required – and we have a full open bar.”

She also added some information about the 2015 programme, and why that will appeal to Aussies wishing to cruise:

“The itineraries are strategically designed to be combined, so Australians, who tend to travel for long periods, can book two or three back-to-back sailings without seeing the same port twice”.

According to Bornstein, the 2015 program has 157 consecutive nights with no repeats.

Holidaymakers used to travelling with Royal Caribbean or Celebrity will be pleased to hear that Azamara are part of the same company, and Azamara offers reciprocity status with the loyalty programs of both sister brands.  Speaking about this, Bornstein said,

“We honour passengers at the same level, even if it is their first time on Azamara.”

She also encouraged guests who’ve not travelled with the line before to book, explaining that the company offers an “OzAmazing experience.”


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