Why do Australians Enjoy Cruise Holidays So Much?


Despite the global recession affecting the number of luxuries that the average family can afford, the Australian cruise industry goes from strength-to-strength. With the news that P&O Cruises are adding another two ships, based out of Australia, to their fleet, the Aussie cruise industry looks set to continue its meteoric growth.

In 2012-13, the industry experienced a 20.6% increase on the previous year and 2013-14 is in line to grow another 17%. So why are more and more Australians taking cruises every year? Here we try to unfurl the mystery.

The Islands of the South Pacific

Soloman Islands

Australia alone has more than 8,000 islands within its maritime borders and is within close cruising distance of the Kiribati Islands, New Zealand Islands, Marshall Islands, Solomon Islands, Tonga Islands and even the Islands of Hawaii. The vast array of tropical paradises at the disposal of cruise companies makes it possible to create an endless array of unique itineraries, taking in unspoiled beauty spots.

The Tahiti & Remote Marquesas Islands cruise is the perfect opportunity to explore the beautiful splendour of the South Pacific Ocean, taking in 6 of the Islands as well as two of the Tuamotu Islands.

Sydney from the Sea

Set on the coast, the metropolitan city of Sydney is visited by tens of millions of tourists every year, with many choosing to arrive by sea. The beauty of the city from the sea creates a view unforgettable for tourists and locals alike. The Iconic Opera House is best viewed at night from the sea when the lights of the city rain down upon it.

With comprehensive transport links to the entire world, Sydney is a fantastic place to start and finish a cruise. A cruise to New Caledonia from Sydney allows passengers the opportunity to enjoy the bustling metropolitan life of the city before exploring the quiet charm of the Pacific Islands.

New Ships, New Routes

Celebrity Solstice in Sydney

More and more cruise companies are realising the potential of the Australian cruise industry and are investing more money than ever. New ships from the world’s top cruise companies and innovative unique itineraries are being introduced at an incredible pace. The aforementioned new ships from P&O cruises are just part of the push by companies to get involved in the booming industry.

A number of new ships and routes have come to Australia already in 2014 with the Celebrity Century joining its sister ship, Celebrity Solstice, in Aussie waters for 26 cruises. The Diamond Princess is also due to begin its first ever circumnavigation of the country in Novembers and the Queen Mary 2 will undertake its second tour.

More Action and Adventure

Cruise holidays have stripped themselves of the unfair reputation for being rigidly formal, having adopted a number of exciting activities and action sports. Cruise ships complete with surf simulators, rock climbing walls and excursion-heavy itineraries are appealing to the naturally active nature of the average Australian.

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Images sourced via Flickr Creative Commons. Credit: Simon Ager, Michael McGimpsey and Tom Depenbusch.


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