The Best Cruise Itineraries from Australian Shores for 2017


On 26 January, throughout Australia, celebrations of the achievements, diversity and success of the country will be taking place. Much more than barbeques and fireworks (although there will be plenty of them!), Australia Day is a time for everyone to come together to feel pride and excitement about everything that Australia has to offer. From stunning scenery to fascinating culture, Australia is a richly diverse country that varies greatly from place to place. One of the best ways to see the country is by cruise, allowing you to sample the different identities of each region in one relaxing holiday. We’ve rounded up some of the best cruises to see Australia and celebrate everything it has to offer.

Weekend Short Break

9 March 2017, 3 nights aboard Carnival Spirit

Sydney is Australia’s iconic city, famous worldwide for its stunning location, thriving culture and, of course, the majestic Sydney Opera House. This three-night cruise is the perfect celebration of the city, allowing you to view the harbour and surrounding landscape from a whole new perspective. Surrounded by unspoilt beaches and several beautiful islands, there is plenty to see both in and out of the harbour. Make the most of your time in the city by visiting the Taronga Zoo to cuddle a koala, book a backstage tour of the opera house or climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the view from the top really is incomparable.

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Papua New Guinea

11 November 2017, 15 nights aboard Sun Princess

Papua New Guinea is one of the most spectacular of the Pacific Islands, with its dense jungle and diverse tribal cultures. Cruising is one of the best ways to see the island, as it not only allows you to experience several of its distinct indigenous cultures, but it also lets you explore the stunning tropical fjords that can be found around the island. This two-week long cruise lets you explore the beauty and diversity of Papua New Guinea, stopping off around the island for you to explore local cultures, food and scenery. Venture into the jungle, take a trip down the river, or visit the villages of indigenous tribes who live according to ancient traditions. This cruise really allows you to see the beauty that surrounds Australia and experience the diverse, ancient cultures that have contributed to making the country what it is today.

New Zealand

7 November 2017, 11 nights aboard Radiance of the Seas

Australia’s interesting cousin is well worth a visit, with its wealth of beautiful scenery, exciting activities and burgeoning culture. This beautiful country boasts valleys carpeted with forests, rivers where the water runs crystal clear, deep green lakes and snow-capped mountains. There is so much to explore on this exciting eleven-night cruise around New Zealand, from breath-taking national parks to whales and dolphins playing in the surf. The truly stand-out feature of New Zealand is the landscape, making a cruise the perfect way to discover the beaches, mountains and forests that span the country.

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South Pacific Cruise & Fiji

9 April 2017, 13 nights aboard Explorer of the Seas

The South Pacific islands surrounding Australia are some of the most idyllic paradise islands in the world. Long white beaches are lined with palm trees, and the glistening blue sea that surrounds them is home to stunning coral reefs. The islanders who call this paradise home are famed for being incredibly friendly, so you can expect a wonderful welcome every time you go to shore. This two-week-long cruise is the perfect way to discover these beautiful islands which, although close to Australia, aren’t as common as other holiday destinations. Enjoy the calm tranquillity of these friendly islands, whilst sunning yourself on white beaches and revelling in the luxury of a paradise cruise.

Australia Day Cruise 2018

24 January 2018, 3 nights aboard Pacific Explorer, she’s in Sydney Harbour for Australia Day

Why not celebrate Australia day in style and book an Australia Day cruise aboard the Pacific Explorer? The cruise ship docks in Sydney Harbour for the day itself, so you can make the most of your unique vantage point over some of Australia’s most iconic landmarks. From the impressive Opera House to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, there is no better way to celebrate being an Australian than enjoying the country’s international symbols with a cold beer in your hand.

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