Australian Cruise Industry Sees Big Boom!


The International Cruise Council Australasia (ICCA) have just released statistics that demonstrates how the cruise industry has taken off in Australia in recent years.  In fact, cruise passenger growth has massively overtaken all other major international markets here, with a huge increase of 34%.  This contrasts with a US growth of 4% and a 5% rise in the UK.

These amazing statistics shows that the popularity of cruising is still on the rise in Australia – this is why companies such as Carnival and Celebrity have decided to bring ships to the area for the forthcoming seasons.  The addition of new ships to Australia’s ports also adds plenty of variety to the cruise market, perhaps also a contributing factor to the upsurge in popularity.  Australians can now visit a large number of spectacular countries from ports such as Sydney and Melbourne!

The Chairman of ICCA, Gavin Smith said that the figures reinforce that cruising is the “shining star of the tourism industry.”  He went on to say:  “While other industries have wavered in these tough economic times, cruising has continued to expand, with its popularity in Australia growing significantly year-on-year.”   Smith also said the cruise industry was to reach its goal of one million passengers by 2020.

Most popular destinations:

The South Pacific is one of the most popular destinations for Australians, with over 37% of Australian passengers visiting places such as Hawaii, the Fiji Islands, French Polynesia, New Zealand, New Caledonia and the Cook Islands.

Sample Itinerary:

If you’re new to cruising, you will be impressed by the fabulous itineraries on offer.  It really is easy to see why cruse holidays are growing so rapidly in Australia.  Cruising offers you the chance to explore a number of stunning places in remote places of the world.  For example, this cruise from Sydney:

Fly from Australia to Honolulu and spend a few days in Hawaii’s capital city.  Hop onboard Carnival Spirit, and then spend several days at sea before visiting several Tahitian islands, and one Fijian island – expect white sandy beaches, plenty of history, lots of local culture and amazing regional food delicacies.  Finally, the ship sails back to Sydney, Australia.

This AMAZING 20-night trip will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed, plus you will have visits to once-in-a-lifetime destinations under your belt!

Other interesting statistics:

  • The company counted a record high of 623,294 Austrian Cruise Passangers
  • 40% of cruise passengers come from New South Wales
  • 24% come from Queensland
  • 16% of passengers are from Victoria
  • 9% are from Western Australia
  • 2.7% of the population took a river cruise in 2011
  • River cruising has had a 23% average annual growth in the last 5 years

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