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Cruise 1st are currently offering a fabulous 24-night cruise package onboard Holland America Line’s Oosterdam ship.

The ship departs from Australia on September 29th and it’s a MUST for travellers who wish to explore different parts of the world on their holiday.  This trip is crammed full of idyllic locations and interesting cultures – yet you can enjoy it all from the luxury of a Holland America Line ship!

About the cruise tour:

After departing from Seattle in the US, you will get to stop overnight in Vancouver, Canada before sailing down to Hawaii and visiting Hilo and Honolulu.   After crossing the International Dateline, you will visit the Samoa Islands, Tonga, New Caledonia and then finally Sydney.

Here’s a little bit of information about each place you’d visit on this cruise tour:

Seattle, USA:

Seattle is known as the “Emerald City” in reference to the lush evergreen forests found in the area.

Vancouver, Canada:

Vancouver is known for it’s wonderful, natural beauty, and the juxtaposition of majestic mountains with large, towering skylines really is spectacular.  Did you know, in vancouver you could go skiing and sit on the beach – all in the same day!

Hilo & Honolulu, Hawaii, USA:

Hilo is a town on Hawaii’s Big Island.    Hilo is jam-packed full of museums, gardens and places of cultural and historical significance.

Honolulu is the capital of Hawaii, found on the island of Oahu.  It’s said that Honolulu is as fast-paced as any city, but still retains the charm of the Islands’ laid-back atmosphere and culture.

Honolulu is home to the historic and culturally significant Pearl Harbor.  This is a “must-visit” place for anybody interested in World War Two, and who wishes to visit the Memorial hosted at the site.

You can also enjoy white-sand, swimming, sunbathing and canoeing on Hawaii’s amazing beaches.

Apia, Samoa Islands:

Apia is the capital of Samoa, on the island of Upolu.  The city offers many places to eat and drink and on milder days you may wish to walk on the sea wall.

Of interest:  In Samoan households where all children were male, Mothers would choose a boy to raise as a girl.  Known as Fa’afafine, these boys would be dressed up as girls and be made to help out with household chores.  In Samoan culture, Fa’afafine can be considered as a third gender.

Nuku’alofa, Tonga:

Nukuʻalofa is on Tongatapu, Tonga’s largest island which is surrounded by coral reefs.  If you enjoy relaxing on the beech, snorkelling and soaking up a unique culture, you’ll enjoy Nukuʻalofa.

New Caledonia:

New Caledonia is an overseas territory of France located in the Pacific Ocean.  You can enjoy gorgeous beaches, chalets, camping, snorkelling, diving and french food.

Sydney, Australia:

Sydney is Australia’s largest, oldest and most cosmopolitan city.  The city is known for its large skyline, its array of architectural style and diversity of culture.

There are plenty noteworthy landmarks you should visit, including the Sidney Harbour Bridge, The Sydney Opera House and the Royal Botanic Gardens for starters!

Not to be missed:  Aboriginal Rock Carvings in the Royal National Park located on the southern fringe of the city.  The Royal National Park is the second oldest national park in the world.

More details:

The tour costs from $4099, which includes a return flight from Sydney at the end of the cruise.

For more details call us on 1300 596 345

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