Allure of the Seas heading to Europe next year


Royal Caribbean announce giant luxury liner will be based in Europe during 2015

Allure of the Seas will travel to Barcelona in summer 2015, where she’ll be stationed for the season. From the Spanish city, Allure will embark upon a series of week-long cruises around popular Mediterranean ports.

Sister ship Oasis of the Seas was launched in 2009. This ship will make the news in autumn later in the year when she visits Southampton, UK for the first time on October 15th.  It’s a ‘first’ for the mega-ship, which is currently completing its usual season over in the Caribbean.

About Oasis Class ships:

The Oasis Class section of Royal Caribbean’s fleet launched at the end of last decade. The ship building project was referred to by the code name of “Genesis” before any official announcement was made.

Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas were the first two ships in the class. A third ship that is yet to be named was ordered recently, and is planned for delivery in 2016.

Oasis and Allure are currently the largest passenger ships in the world, surpassing Royal Caribbean’s Freedom-class ships, which previously held the title.  Allure is technically the largest passenger ship in the world, as she is 5cm longer than her sister ship Oasis. This small difference was not intentional, and is likely due to the difference in air temperature when the two ships were measured. Both 225,282 gross tonne ships can accommodate over 6,000 passengers and 2,000+ members of crew.  However, the yet-to-be-named third Oasis Class ship is set to steal the title. Plans show the new ship will exceed the two other ships in the class by 2.15 metres. She will is set to weigh 227,700 gross tonnes (2,418 GT heavier).

Oasis and Allure were delivered in 2009 and 2010 respectively and were built in Finland.  At present, both Oasis and Allure are home ported at Port Everglades, Florida.


Royal Caribbean describe their Oasis Class ships as a “feat of architecture and imagination.”  Both ships are designed with seven neighbourhoods, and each has distinct activities and sights for passengers to experience.  Both Oasis Class ships boast a 5-deck high Central Park and Broadwalk outdoor areas, which run through the centre of the ship.  Holidaymakers can enjoy lush tropical gardens, upscale restaurants, shops and a working funfair carousel during their cruise holiday.

The two Oasis Class ships boast the world’s first amphitheatre at sea, and for kids, there’s the DreamWorks experience, which promises entertainment that children will never forget!  You kids will come face to face with some their favourite TV and film characters, including Shrek, Kung Fu Panda and many more!  It’s a perfect holiday with activities to suit the entire family!

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