A Shortlist of Companies has been announced for the construction of the Gold Coast Cruise Terminal


The shortlist has been announced for the new planned Gold Coast cruise terminal in Australia, an exciting development for the world’s major cruise line companies and the local Gold Coast area.

The benefits for cruise companies in partnering with the Gold Coast Cruise Terminal are numerous. It will bring additional business for the cruise companies who will be using the terminal and it will allow passengers to experience a range of new cruise itineraries and see a range of new destinations around the world. However, the construction of the planned Gold Coast cruise terminal will also bring a boon to the local community. With more holidaymakers shopping in the Gold Coast area, this will bring a huge tourism boost. Many different commercial sectors will see this benefit, from culture, hospitality, transport and entertainment industries. In the current depressed economic climate, this terminal project will bring a large amount of new jobs to the area.

Four companies are predicted to put forward submissions for the construction of the Gold Coast terminal by the middle of 2013. The new cruise terminal will be built by the private sector. The four companies who are in the strongest position at the moment for winning the bid are Azure Constortium, ACPI Consortium, ASF China Property Consortium and Ridong (Gold Coast) Development.

The construction of the Gold Coast cruise terminal will be the largest site of tourism infrastructure in the history of Queensland. And the terminal will be far more than a mere sailing hub for cruise ships. It will include a casino, a range of hotels and restaurants and other hospitality venues. There will also be recreation areas for those visiting the terminal to enjoy, a community space and a residential development. It’s easy to see why the project is projected to bring such a boon to the local economy.

In addition, the terminal project is set to be completed in time for the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast. This timing will be fantastic promotion for the local area and the completed terminal.

“This is the opportunity to transform currently unused land into a one-of-a-kind marine-based hub in the heart of Australia’s leading tourist destination. My promise to the people of the Gold Coast is to boost the economy through tourism and jobs. Together we can achieve this and create something special for our city.

We deserve the best, which is why we are calling for consortia from around the world with the flair, courage and commitment to be part of our city’s exciting future.”

— Mayor Tom Tate

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