A look at Rhapsody of the Seas’ new dining options & deals


As we reported last month, Rhapsody of the Seas has recently emerged from dry dock after undergoing a magnificent $54 million refurbishment.

One of the highlights of the renovation was the new dining options aboard Rhapsody, which offers travellers an amazing selection of food and drink for their cruise holiday.

Those onboard Rhapsody can now enjoy the delicious steaks at Chops Grille, sample Italian food at Giovanni’s table, try sushi and Pan Asian cuisine at Izumi and, of course, take part in the exclusive and private dining experience at the Chef’s table.

But it gets better...

Royal Caribbean have just announced that they’ve further improved Rhapsody’s dining experience by offering speciality food and drinks packages with their Pre-Cruise Planner.  You can enjoy a number of really great offers!

The packages that you can enjoy onboard Rhapsody are:


Chef’s Table Dining Package:  Enjoy a lavish meal at the exclusive Chef’s Table onboard Rhapsody of the Seas.  This can be booked onboard the cruise ship and packages start at $120 per person.  If you book more than four restaurants, you can receive a 25% discount.

Celebration Dining Meal:  A party of 4 to 8 can enjoy a delicious meal in Chops Grille or Giovanni’s Table on day one or two of the cruise holiday and receive a $30 beverage credit.  Packages start at $20 per person and you can only book online, using the Pre-Cruise Planner.

Set Sail Dining Meal:  Chops Grille and Giovanni’s Table will host parties of 8 − 14 on day one of their cruise with this wonderful deal.   The entire group will get 30% off the cover charge.  Prices start at just $14 per person.  Minimum of 8 guests and maximum of 14.  Groups of 8-10 guests may book online but if there are 11-14 guests in in party, you must call up to book.


Royal Choice Dining Package:  Enjoy sumptuous food and a 25% discount onboard Rhapsody with this package.  Book three restaurants online or onboard to qualify.  No minimum party size, or day requirement.

Which package will you be enjoying onboard your Rhapsody of the Seas cruise?  Let us know in the comments section below!

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