15 Signs You’re Addicted to Cruises


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With exotic destinations, a plethora of onboard entertainment, fabulous food and incredible value for money, it’s no wonder that an increasing number of people are developing a taste for cruising! If you can’t get enough of holidays on the high seas, read on for a list of 15 signs that could mean you’re addicted to cruising:

  1. You’ve named your pets as Celebrity, Carnival, Crystal, Silversea, Seabourn, Disney and so on!
  2. Your screensaver is set to a slideshow of your favourite cruise holiday snaps.
  3. You feel ‘land sick’ when you don’t have an upcoming cruise on the horizon.
  4. You find yourself turning up the heating, mixing a cocktail, blasting your cherry-picked cruise playlist and indulging in simulated sunset happy hours.
  5. Instead of right and left, you refer to directions as port and starboard.
  6. You try to pay for your groceries with your onboard ship credit card.
  7. You’ve got a dedicated bank account just for cruise funds.
  8. You measure financial outlays in terms of cruise holidays – for example, “This electricity bill could have bought me three great shore excursions!”
  9. You redecorate your bedroom to resemble a ship’s cabin.
  10. You’re the go-to guru for friends and family on the search for cruising advice.
  11. You’ve ticked off a cruise on every leading line.
  12. Every item in your wardrobe was purchased with cruising in mind, from casual poolside gear to swanky formal nightwear.
  13. Most updates that pop up in your Facebook newsfeed are from cruise lines.
  14. You plan your next cruise from the poolside of your current one!
  15. You splurge on a waterbed, a whirlpool and your very own minibar.

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