Why is TildaTravel the Family Expert?


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TildaTravel was named after Matilda, the smart, travel-loving six-year-old daughter of Mark Tarring, the CEO and founder of the travel insurance company. Our Tilda’s perspective on travel puts our precious kids first. Our question is always: “Would that make Tilda happy?” If you’re planning a family trip, you get it.

With modern families at our heart, TildaTravel understands that holidays often include extended family like grandparents, brothers, sisters, and a kaleidoscope of stepfamily connections and pets. Nobody misses out with TildaTravel!

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Who in the family is covered?

No matter who is travelling, we are here to help. From mum going solo on a business trip to the whole extended clan going on the holiday of a lifetime, we take care of everyone. And we mean everyone: grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, two mums, two dads, foster families, adopted kids, grandparents travelling with the grandkids, step kids, and so on! We look after your family, your way. And we know that sometimes the best family can be your friends, so we look after you and whomever you care about.

“Holidaying with a six year old is truly magical from the anticipation of ‘how many sleeps left?’ to the pure joy of arriving at your destination and exploring with a huge sense of wonder and excitement. My daughter Tilda inspired me to create a truly family-friendly travel insurance service where booking and organising holiday insurance is always easy.”
— Mark Tarring, CEO, TildaTravel (former CEO Thomas Cook Money Australia)

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How much will it cost to cover my kids?

With TildaTravel holiday insurance, kids go free. We don’t just talk about understanding modern families, we design our policies around your needs. So, if the kids on your trip are foster kids, adopted kids, step kids, or travelling with a guardian, they’re included for free, and we make it easy! Any kids under age 19 who don’t have a full-time job are automatically insured if you name them on your TildaTravel insurance policy if they travel with a parent, grandparent, or guardian for 100% of the journey.

TildaTravel knows that an essential part of modern travel is staying online and in touch. We are currently offering a free travel SIM card with every travel insurance policy. With a fixed rate of just $7.99 USD per day for a huge amount of daily data, you can keep the whole family online and avoid the horror of data shock bills when you return home!

She has arrived! TildaTravel insurance is now live on Cruise1st and available for you to book all your travel insurance needs. Ring our Australia-based cruise experts on 1300 857 345 for more information!

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TildaTravel is a new family-centric online travel and money service. TildaTravel offers Australian family travellers an easy, safe, and fun way to book travel insurance and buy currency.

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