What’s the Purpose of Travel Insurance?


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When you think about travel insurance, the first thing that comes to mind shouldn’t be the costs associated with overseas medical care. Although you may have heard horror stories about people receiving huge bills from even the most minor illnesses, you won’t have to worry about that if you purchase travel insurance.

With TildaTravel insurance, we will make sure you don’t run into any unexpected medical debt during your travels. All levels of coverage include unlimited oversea medical and hospital expenses. And if worse comes to worst, we even cover overseas funeral expenses.

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Insure yourself

While many think about the risk of injuring themselves on holiday, very few consider how much an accident will cost if it results in injury or death of someone else. All TildaTravel policies cover you for up to $1 million while Prime coverage protects you up to $2 million for legal liabilities. In additions to covering your general medical expenses, all TildaTravel policies cover minor overseas dental work. You don’t want to spoil your holiday photos with aching teeth!

Insure your trip

You have nothing to worry about: Catastrophic events are relatively rare. However, keep in mind that minor inconveniences, small problems, and cancellations are far more common. Family holidays come with a hefty price tag, and if you don’t insure your holiday and need to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, both your holiday and money are gone. TildaTravel’s Select and Prime policies both cover you for cancellations.

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Insure your belongings

When you’re exploring new lands, it is more likely you’ll lose valuable items. And as a tourist, you can even be targeted by pickpockets. TildaTravel’s Select and Prime policies cover your precious tech items, including digital cameras, laptops, and cell phones, as well as valuables like jewellery, glasses, and sunglasses. If you misplace or have your belongings stolen, unfortunately, it is highly probable your travel documents will also be taken. Expect to incur heavy fees if you require expedited replacement of your travel documents.

Insure…everything else

Great travel insurance policies, such as TildaTravel’s Prime policy, try to cover you in every way possible. Our Prime policy includes the cost of delays, airfare to resume travel, return airfare, cost of alternative travel, cost of special events, and even loss of income.

No one wishes for the worst when planning an exciting adventure on a family holiday. Being prepared means being ready to deal with anything. In the unlikely event that inconveniences befall you on your journey, just remember: With TildaTravel, you are in good hands.

She has arrived! TildaTravel insurance is now live on Cruise1st and available for you to book all your travel insurance needs. Ring our Australia-based cruise experts on 1300 857 345 for more information!

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