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Getting out and about during a cruise is a highlight for many passengers. Whether you enjoy exploring new sights, taking part in adrenaline-fuelled activities, or simply sampling foreign cultures, the beauty of a cruise is that you can disembark the ship in an array of unique destinations – each of which is as exciting, exotic and stimulating as the next.

As with any holiday however, the safety of you and your family must be taken into account when travelling from place to place. Here, we provide some handy hints and tips on how you can stay safe during cruise holiday shore excursions.

Book Excursions with Your Cruise Operator

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No matter what cruise line you travel with – be it Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises or P&O – you can rest assured your selected cruise line will have years, if not decades, of experience researching and working with different tour operators across a broad range of global destinations.

Through a range of carefully selected partnerships with trusted tour operators, cruise lines deliver a comprehensive range of shore excursions for their passengers which are of the highest possible quality, and often superior to other tours which passengers can book individually.

So if you have concerns regarding the safety of specific excursions, always book such day trips your cruise operator. These tours can be booked in advance, or if not, upon embarkation day. Prearranged tours booked through your cruise line are available in most ports, and usually include any and all travel as standard – taking the hassle out of exploring the things you want to see.

If You Want to Book Individually, Do Your Research

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For some cruise-goers, the idea of being stuck with your fellow passengers for yet another day could prove too much, in which case, you may wish to book excursions individually.

Booking trips and tours on your own does have its benefits. For starters, it often works out considerably cheaper than booking through your tour operator, and there is often a much wider range of excursions to choose from. As above, it can also be nice to escape the hubbub of your fellow passengers for a short while, and explore the lay of the land at your own pace.

Choose to book shore excursions individually however, and you’ve got to do your research. If possible, pre-book trips in advance, or at least be mindful of what’s available in each port. Never book excursions on a whim through touts, as you’ll likely find yourself out of pocket on a substandard, mediocre tour – or worse.

In short, do your research before you travel so you know exactly what to book and what to expect from each of your scheduled shore excursions.

Keep an Eye on the Weather

Storm - Carl Milner

If you plan to hike a peak, surf the high seas or take an off-road quad bike tour in the wilderness during your cruise, be sure to check the local weather prior to booking any adventurous excursions to ensure any prevailing weather conditions aren’t likely to interfere with your trip.

If the weather’s poor and the trip has to be cancelled, you risk losing any money you’ve paid so far – as cruise lines will often not refund passengers if tours are cancelled on account of the weather. If you book tour excursions individually, don’t put yourself at risk by venturing out in potentially dangerous conditions – especially if you’ve booked an adventurous excursion.

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Images sourced via Flickr Creative Commons & Disney Cruises Media Centre. Credit: Dedi Sharabi, Disney Cruises, Carl Milner

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