Six Coolest Bits of Cruise Ship Technology


Far evolved from the days of steamboats and top-deck shuffleboards, modern cruise ships are now filled with exceptional pieces of technology born from the smartest minds in science and engineering. Here we look at six of the coolest technological features you can enjoy on a cruise holiday.

Robotic Bartenders – Quantum of the Seas

Located aboard the world’s first smartship is the Bionic Bar, a cocktail bar served by two robotic bartenders capable of accurately measuring and mixing all your favourite cocktails. Whilst they may not have the flair of Tom Cruise in Cocktail, the two robotic arms can receive orders direct from strategically placed tablet devices – simplifying the process of ordering your after-dinner Dirty Martini.


iConcierge – Norwegian Epic

The 10,000 wireless access points aboard the Norwegian Epic ensures all the crew and guests can stay in contact via the iConcierge app. Request extra bedding from the crew or check where the kids are with the simple-to-use and intuitive app, ensuring you’re never lost on the Epic – one of the largest cruise ships currently on the seas.

Norwegian Epic - EDDIE

5D Theatre – Carnival Breeze

Adding another two dimensions, the 5D theatre aboard the Carnival Breeze combines a 3D screen with immersive features such as moving seats and squirting water. Perfect for kids, the screen shows a wide range of specially-directed family shows full of unique surprises. Unlimited access to the 5D cinema throughout a cruise costs just $15USD per person.

Reverse-Osmosis – Queen Mary 2

One of the more functional of the incredible cruise ship technologies is found aboard a number of ships in the Cunard fleet, including the Queen Mary 2. Using reverse osmosis, the ship turns non-potable seawater into drinking water for guests and crew members – ideal for a ship best known for its long tours and round-the-world cruises.

Queen Mary 2 at the Overseas passenger terminal

Rising Ride Bar – Allure of the Seas

Mimicking the motion of the ocean, the Rising Tide Bar aboard the Allure of the Seas is positioned over three decks – rising and falling between the decks for the entertainment of the adult guests. After a few cocktails, it can get a little confusing for inebriated guests who can’t remember which deck they’re supposed to exit onto.


Virtual Porthole – Disney Dream

As anyone booking a cruise will have discovered, you can often get a cheaper deal if you book an interior cabin – but this will come at the expense of a sea-view from the comfort of your bed. However, the Disney Dream pioneered the solution – a virtual porthole which beams a live recording of the ship’s external view right to your room, meaning you don’t have to miss any of the action going on outside.

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Images sourced via Flickr Creative Commons and Royal Caribbean Cruises Press Center. Credit: Royal Caribbean, Sacha Fernandez and EDDIE.


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