Rookie Errors to Avoid When Cruising – Part 1


Setting sail on the cruise of a lifetime is an incredibly exciting time. However, before you go it’s important to be aware of some common mistakes so many sailors fall victim to. To ensure your cruise holiday is nothing but smooth sailing from start to finish we’ve put together a list of rookie errors to avoid at all costs.

Failing to shop around

As a general rule of thumb the first deal that you find won’t necessarily be the best one. Taking the time to shop around for a cheaper price will leave you with more cash to splash on your actual holiday. Without a doubt, the best place to find up-to-the-minute cruise deals from all the leading lines is Cruise 1st. Check their exclusive deals out today!

Not cashing in on discounts

Often many lines will offer great discounts across a range of different areas. These include cheap additional passenger add-ons, free on-board credit, complimentary gratuities, discounts for departing from certain ports and even reductions for owning shares in the line. Do your research and take advantage of any discounts you may be eligible for.

Forgetting to check on-board credits

When you fail to use up on-board credits you’re essentially throwing cash overboard. Don’t forget to regularly check your virtual wallet and use up your credits on indulgent on-board experiences such as massages, manicures, cocktails and more.

Thinking you can score an upgrade upon boarding

It may work with aeroplanes but unfortunately the chances of scoring a cabin upgrade upon boarding are extremely slim. Instead seek out deals when booking. Often you can secure a high end cabin for a fraction of the usual cost.

cruise balcony

Not joining the membership programme

Cruise lines offer some great free membership programmes that are packed full of tiered benefits. Whether you manage to redeem something as small as a free bottle of water or something as exciting as an all-day pampering session, there’s absolutely nothing to lose!

Put off booking shore excursions

Shore excursions fill up fast and to avoid disappointment it’s always recommended to book well in advance, especially if you’re travelling as a family or larger group.

Overlooking additional expenses

Sure, cruising is sold as an ‘all-inclusive’ package but don’t forget to factor in additional expenses. These include dining at specialty restaurants, signing up for shore excursions, budgeting for souvenirs, paying for flights, booking pre/post voyage accommodation and more.

Passport panic

Even if you don’t plan to step foot on a plane the chances are that you’ll need a passport when embarking on cruise. Be sure to read all the rules clearly and organise passports, visas and other travel documents well in advance.


Not packing a carry-on bag

More often than not you’ll arrive at your cabin before your luggage does. If you want to take a shower, change your clothes or hit up the swimming pool it pays to pack a small carry-on bag stuffed with all your afternoon essentials.

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