How To Fool-Proof Your First Cruising Holiday


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New to cruising? No problem! Setting sail on your first voyage can sometimes be a little daunting but with the right preparation, we promise that things will go off without a hitch. So what can you do to ensure that your debut sailing runs smoothly? Read on for our list of insider tips designed to help you fool proof your voyage.

Pack sea sickness tablets

Whether you know you don’t suffer from sea sickness, are certain that it’s going to be an issue or aren’t’ entirely sure, it never hurts to pack a god supply of sea sickness tablet. They’re small and affordable yet can mean the difference between sitting by the pool and enjoying the sunset or spending the evening wrapped around your toilet!

Get social!

Cruising is all about having a great time and nothing’s quite as fun as meeting new people. Rather than hide away in your cabin make the effort to get out there and take part in the ship’s social events. From welcome drinks and karaoke nights to pool volleyball games and group shore excursions, get involved and create fun filled memories with your fellow cruisers. Lines such as Princess Cruises now offer their very own social networks that you can use to stay in touch throughout the cruise!

Plan in advance

Have your heart set on a particular shore excursion? Determined to dine at a specialty restaurant? Dying to get that exclusive facial at the day spa?  Our advice is to book as far in advance as possible. Facilities and activities aren’t designed to cater for every passenger at the same time which means that if you want to avoid disappointment it’s definitely a good idea to pre-book where possible.

Know your seasons

Never book a cruise without doing a little research into what the weather will be like at your destination. If you’re on the search for guaranteed sunshine every day it can be a good idea to pay a little more and cruise in high season. If you’re on a budget and happy to spend the occasional day inside low season itineraries can be much cheaper.

Pack smart

Cruise ships are generally quite generous with their luggage allowances so you won’t need to scrimp on space. Be sure to pack a wide range of items that you think you’ll need, and don’t forget warm clothes, even if you’re heading to the Caribbean. Something formal to semi-formal is also advised. That said, don’t go too overboard as you don’t want to be living in cabin chaos. Be strategic, plan in advance and put together outfits that can be easily mixed and matched to create a different look each day. Of course, if your cruise involves any flights you’ll need to keep in mind that luggage allowances may be limited.

Explore your ship

Today’s ships are packed full of amazing features and the last thing you want is to disembark and realise you missed out on something great. Avoid disappointment by doing your research in advance, getting to know what’s on offer and spending a little time planning your days. Trust us, you’ll be happy you did!

Snap up a great deal

There are some great cruise package offers out there so there is no need to fork out an arm and a leg. Thanks to partnerships with all the leading lines Cruise 1st offers a comprehensive range of itineraries at prices that you’re guaranteed to love. Plus the site often runs special offers and deals that can see you score free upgrades, complimentary drinks packages and bonus on-board credit.

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