A Foodie’s Guide to Tasmania


Tasmania is loved by foodies everywhere for its amazing local produce, and the outstanding chefs that are turning these ingredients into some of the finest dishes of the southern hemisphere. So, we’ve rounded up a few of the must-visit places for anyone who is hoping to get a taste of the culinary mastery that is happening in Tasmania at the moment.

Franklin Bar and Restaurant

Delicious Magazine calls Franklin “savvy, hip, and brave” for its modern take on food created with Tasmania’s local produce. The stylish, polished, concrete-heavy décor centres around a huge Scotch oven, which lends a hint of smoke to both the atmosphere and the food. Owner David Moyle’s food is a triumph in showcasing stand-out local ingredients with a simplicity that leaves nowhere to hide. Even local vegetables are given new life, with broad beans blistered on the grill and revolutionised with a hint of red miso. A must-try dish is the wood-roasted pork neck, which is poached in milk and then slow roasted at 60c until it is pink and tender.

Lebrina Restaurant

Housed in a charming old cottage in an inner-city suburb, Lebrina demonstrates chef Scott Minervini is as traditional in his technique as he is in his choice of location. His food is soulful and produce-driven, delivering quality over fashion every time. The menu is short, but care and attention can be seen in every dish, from crystal clear-consommés to the tiny, parmesan-laced biscuit amuse bouche. The service is impeccable, and a good knowledge of wine allows the servers to help you make perfect pairings to complement the food. As the menu changes seasonally, there isn’t one single stand-out dish, but rather a stunning sample of what can be achieved with local produce and an abundance of skill.

Crumb Street Kitchen

If you’re a dedicated meat freak, crumb kitchen is absolutely the place for you. The two owners smoke more than 500kg of meat each week, resulting in their delicious barbeque brisket, pulled pork, and other local meats. Whether it’s piled up with slaw and pickles into a mouth-watering burger, wrapped in a quesadilla with gooey melted cheese, or simply served with delicious sides like coleslaw and potato salad, this meat is hard to beat. As they’re unlicensed, make sure you make a detour to the liquor store before you go if you want to wash your meaty feast down with a cold beer. It’s also worth going earlier in the day rather than later, as smoking is a slow process and demand often outstrips supply.

pulled pork tasmania

Ginger Brown

Ginger Brown might be pretending to be a café, but don’t be fooled by their humility, the outstanding food is much closer to something out of a top restaurant. Take the ‘coco pops’ on the breakfast menu, for example, which bear no semblance to the chocolatey puffed rice that you might have at the back of the cupboard at home. Rather than a simple bowl of cereal, you are served a bowl of puffed rice that is topped with a caramelised banana semifreddo, chocolate vanilla bean sauce, and freeze dried raspberries. The breakfasts are amazing, the cakes are to die for, and they have a huge range of gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan options.

The Source Restaurant, MONA

Located in the renowned Museum of Old and New Art, The Source offers an outstanding dining experience with surroundings to match. Executive Chef, Vince Trim, focuses on making seasonal local produce shine, with fresh, uncomplicated food being the cornerstone ethos of the restaurant. The menu is seasonal and changes daily, but can always be counted on to feature fine natural produce, from expertly-dressed oysters to accomplished local cheeses. Service is outstanding, and it’s well worth consulting with the expert sommeliers for advice on how best to navigate the ten thousand bottles on the wine list.

Ball & Chain Grill

Built by chain gangs of convicts, the Ball and Chain Restaurant is steeped in history and produces some of the finest steaks you’ll ever sample. The grill uses only charcoal, giving the unique smoky flavour of the coals to the locally-sourced produce the restaurant specialises in. The menu is a beautiful collection of everything you would want to see on a charcoal grill, from Tasmanian fish to Ball and Chain’s famous steaks. It also suggests wine pairings for each dish to ensure that you can maximise the flavours in these stunning, tasty dishes.

Me Wah

If you love authentic Chinese food, Me Wah will deliver a taste experience that you’ll never forget. Taking local produce and reinventing it with authentic Asian flavours, this restaurant might look like every Chinese you’ve ever visited, but it certainly doesn’t taste like it. The set banquets are the best way to taste as many of the delicious dishes this restaurant offers as possible, as well as providing an authentic dining experience. Be sure to try some of the beautiful fish dishes, they really showcase Tasmanian produce in a new and fresh way.

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