Cruise Miss Shares Her Seven Tips for Those New to Cruising


Before I embarked on my first cruise I scanned the internet like a crazy person trying to find answers to what felt like a thousand questions. I came across many articles like this one, but they didn’t always get to the point, they were long winded and went on for five miles, so I hope this short(er) blog of tips helps answer some of your questions.

Will I get seasick?

One thing that people ALWAYS say they worry about when considering a cruise is seasickness. I won’t lie -some people suffer with it and others don’t, but until you try cruising there is no way to say for sure whether you will succumb or not. All I can say is that there are so many different treatment options out there today that if you did suffer with it, it probably wouldn’t be for long. You can even have an injection onboard if other remedies don’t work. I thought I would suffer, it was one of the reasons why I didn’t want to take a cruise, but here I am, 33 voyages later………..

Do I have to Dress-up every evening?

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In short, no. Every cruise line offers a different dress code, some ships don’t have any at all, so if you want to dress up then choose a cruise line such as Cunard or P&O Cruises, where formal evenings are still very much a part of cruising (not every night though, don’t worry!). If you want to go for something a little more relaxed then try MSC Cruises or Royal Caribbean International, and for something so totally relaxed it is almost horizontal, try Norwegian Cruise Line – they don’t have any dress codes at all!

Do I have to leave the ship at every port?

Well, no one is going to push you down the gangway if that’s what you mean – that choice is entirely up to you. If you want to get off and explore ashore, then do it. If you want to stay onboard and utilise the ships facilities, then stay onboard.

Are cruises good for children?

Family Games

Cruise holidays are quite possibly the best form of holiday for a family with children of any age. The onboard kids clubs and designated youth services staff really are worthy of an award. On more or less every ship you can find designated children’s areas where they are occupied both day and night. In fact you may well forget you are even travelling with youngsters as the facilities offered to them are so well equipped. However, please don’t forget about your kids as it may not go down very well with your fellow passengers.

Are cruises not just for old people?

Cruising is quite literally for EVERYONE. The selection of ships available is better today than it has ever been. If you want a ship that offers a more traditional, adult environment, then you will find it in the likes of P&O Cruises Oriana. If you want something that offers a selection of nightclubs and around the clock adrenalin rushes then may we suggest something with Royal Caribbean International or Norwegian Cruise Line. Cruising is what you make of it and it is for people of all ages – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

What can I do on a cruise ship?

Relaxing on deck

The answer to that, my friend, is anything and everything that your heart could ever desire. You can surf on a simulator, mow your fellow passengers down in the bumper car rink, experience five-star cuisine, spend a day doing absolutely nothing, lift weights in the gym, have your nails done, and you can even skate on an ice rink. Need I say anymore?

What can I expect from my cabin?

All cabins (or staterooms as they are also known) are different per cruise line. They all range in size and offer various different features, but like everything else, you also have a huge choice available to you – everything from a modern inside cabin to a luxurious, state-of-the-art Penthouse suite. Some ships even offer apartments!

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Images sourced via P&O Cruises Press Center. Credit: P&O Cruises.

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