The Best Cruise Ideas for Non-Cruisers


While some people don’t even consider not booking a cruise when the holidays roll around, others remain largely unconvinced. Whether you’re a first time cruiser thinking of taking the plunge, or are a diehard cruise enthusiast and want to convince a friend or family member that setting sail is the best way to travel, these itinerary ideas are for you!

Go big or go home

One of the biggest stigmas associated with cruising is the concern that passengers are stuck at sea with nothing to do. Sure, some smaller ships are all about soaking up the sun and staring out to sea, but today’s contemporary market is also more exciting than it’s ever been. Thanks to lines such as Royal Caribbean, passengers now find themselves lost in floating cities that offer everything from surfing simulators and skydiving machines to wild nightlife and world-class dining.

Get shore excursion centric

Eliminate the all too common “I’ll get bored” complaint by opting for an excursion-centric cruise. Cruise lines offer a huge amount of choice and flexibility when it comes to itineraries, so shop around and find one that calls at exciting new destinations almost every day. Whether you’re into tropical islands, inspiring Nordic scenery or buzzing cities, there’s something for every taste.

Opt for overnight stays

Overnight stays are becoming increasingly popular, with lines docking for longer than usual in order to allow passengers to enjoy a ‘sunset to sunrise’ experience.

Be creative

With a little imagination, you can turn a cruise holiday into the getaway of a lifetime. For example, if you’re embarking on a weeklong cruise around the Caribbean, why not allocate a few days before and after to explore the States while you’re at it? It’s a great excuse to tag on a family-friendly trip to Universal Studios, a romantic getaway to New York City or a mini US road trip.

Rolling on the river

If seasickness tablets just don’t do the job, why not consider shunning the ocean and opting for a relaxing river cruise voyage? With glassy waters and a slow paced feel, river cruises are the perfect way to enjoy the ‘boat life’ experience, without having to venture into choppy seas.


Choose a theme

Want to really win over your cruise sceptic? Try searching around for a cruise that they won’t be able to resist. If they love gourmet food and wine you’re in luck, as there’s currently a dynamic focus on offering passengers world class on-board culinary experiences.

Get help choosing the perfect cruise

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