A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Right Cruise Line


If you’ve settled on a cruise for your next holiday — congratulations, you’ve made the perfect choice. Now all that remains is to choose the right cruise line for your requirements, something easier said than done given the sheer number of lines currently in operation down under.

For first-time cruisers or those considering shifting their loyalties to a new line, here we present a beginner’s guide to choosing the right cruise line. With Australia’s most prevalent lines broken down by the demographics they’re best suited for, the guide should give you a good ballpark when choosing which cruise line is right for you.

Best for Families

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Travelling with youngsters in tow? You’ll need to consider their needs too, and not just how many liquors you can enjoy at the all-inclusive bar. Some cruise lines are better tailored for kids, both in terms of entertainment and facilities, and things like kids clubs and activities.

Thankfully the Australian coast is regularly frequented by some of the world’s most child-friendly cruise lines, including P&O Australia, Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise Line. Each of these lines excel in providing enough entertainment to keep even moody teenagers happy, and boast excellent childcare facilities so you can enjoy a little you time.

Best for Couples (Adults Only)

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Unless you opt for a super-luxury cruise line (like Seabourn) you might find it tricky to find an adults-only ship. But that’s OK, because a number of major lines do a great job of providing privacy for adults in need of a little respite from the 9 to 5 — or else a romantic sojourn with their nearest and dearest.

One of the best cruise lines for an adults-only cruise in Australia is Celebrity Cruises. Across its entire fleet, Celebrity provides designated decks that are just for adults, complete with private pools and other little luxuries to ease you in to the swing of things. If you’re after a more traditional adults-only cruise experience, old timers Cunard also do what they can to separate work-tired grown-ups from unruly offspring.

Best for Seniors

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Your golden years are special, as your cruise ship should be. Sailing aboard a ship jam-packed with rowdy youngsters and all-night discos probably won’t appeal to most passengers trying to enjoy a relaxing cruise in their prime. What you need is a luxury liner that’s decidedly smaller and more intimate, somewhere you can sail the seas in complete comfort without having to queue for an eternity in the buffet hall.

If this sounds like your idea of the perfect cruise setting, take a look at the cruises offered by Holland America Line. Most ships in Holland America Line’s Australian fleet are small or mid-size, meaning they’re easy to navigate and don’t carry too many passengers. They also offer the best range of activities for senior guests, including ballroom dancing and afternoon tea. If you’re looking for something slightly more upmarket, try the aforementioned Cunard Line.

Best for those on a Budget


If you’d like to go on a cruise but aren’t sure you can afford it, there are options available to you. A handful of cruise operators in Australia offer 7 or 14 night cruises for the same price as the average dry-land holiday, including P&O, Royal Caribbean and Carnival. What’s more, cruise lines regularly offer great discounts when they’re struggling to get bodies in beds, meaning you could land a luxury cruise for peanuts.

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