8 Cruise Myths Debunked


Unlike any other type of holiday, cruise lines are enveloped in myth, legend and folklore – the bulk of which happens to be negative. For decades, potential cruise passengers have half-heartedly considered a cruise, only to be put off by the usual cruise clichés and half-truths.

To shed light on the often misinformed world of cruising, here are eight of the most common cruise myths exposed, discredited and debunked.

1. Cruises Are For Old People…


Whilst work-weary retirees may cursorily consider taking a cruise, they’re certainly not the only age bracket interested in a trip atop the high seas. In a recent holiday trends survey, everyone from twenty-something adventurers to affluent middle-agers were found to be interested in taking a cruise holiday.

2. …And Lazy People


If you can think of nothing worse than roasting beneath a foreign sun for days on end, don’t fret, as there’s more to life than the sun lounger aboard modern ocean liners. In terms of activities, Royal Caribbean excels – with no-end of on-board adventure, fitness and well-being activities across its fleet. From running and yoga, to surfing and indoor sky diving – a cruise holiday is bound to get your heart pumping one way or another.

3. They’ve Lost Their Glamour and Sophistication

P&O Cruise Dining

The golden age of cruising may be long gone, but on what form of transform could you rock a tuxedo or cocktail dress whilst slowly supping your favourite tipple? Certainly not an airplane. If you’re looking for a little luxury and refinement from your annual holiday, the only way to travel is via cruise ship.

4. Cabins Are Cramped

cruise cabin

The thing to remember about cruise ships is that they’re essentially floating holiday resorts; holiday resorts complete with a luxury hotel, fabulous dining options and a plethora of things to see and do. Thus, cabins aren’t cramped. On the contrary, they offer the same level of space, comfort and out-an-out luxury you’d expect from a four or five star dry-land hotel.

5. They Don’t Travel Anywhere Exciting

Fiordland, New Zealand

Nonsense! With hundreds of cruise lines currently in operation around the world – each with their own small or large fleet – it’s possible to sail to any exotic locale you think of, no matter where it is on the planet. From Alaska to Bermuda, the Mediterranean to Mexico – prepare to half that bucket list and satisfy your wanderlust in a single voyage.

6. When They Do, You Don’t Get to See Anything

The Diamond Princess leaves Sydney harbour.

Cruise ships may spend a day or two chugging across open water as part of a specific itinerary, but they also spend an equal amount of time docked in some truly unforgettable destinations. Each time a liner makes a port call, guests are given the option to disembark the vessel to explore, and there are a number of excursions available for those that do.

7. Port Towns Are Too Busy to Enjoy

Radiance of the Seas at Queensland

Busy, but no less enjoyable. Should passengers book a planned excursion, tour operators will make all the necessary transport arrangements to ensure you enjoy a smooth and enjoyable port call. Often cruise ships will stop in off-the-beaten-track destinations, so you can get to grips with local cultures and explore uncharted regions.

8. There’s Not Enough Room By the Pool


Cruise lines are aware just how busy pool and lounge areas can be, so they provide ample loungers, deck chairs and sunbeds to accommodate the dedicated sun seeker. If you’re yearning to spend a full day basking in the sun, reserve a sunbed pre-8am with the customary beach towel to ensure you’ve got a bed when you get back from breakfast.

Set your mind at ease about cruising? We hope so! If you have any further worries, troubles or questions regarding Australian cruise breaks, visit our homepage for more information or call our team on 1300 857 345.


Images sourced via Disney Cruises Media Centre, P&O Cruises Media Center, Celebrity Cruises Media Center, Royal Caribbean Media Centre and Flickr Creative Commons. Credit: Disney Cruises, P&O Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Rodrigo A. Caetano, Matthew Hunt, Jerry Dohnal, Sid Mosdell.

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