4 Need To Know Cruise Cabin Secrets


Whether you’re cruising for a week, a month or even longer, your cabin is essentially your home away from home throughout your voyage. And while lines do everything in their power to make living spaces as comfortable as possible, passengers still encounter a few inconveniences here and there. Luckily there are a few things you can do to get around these minor hitches and make your at-sea experience even MORE ultimate. Want to know more? Read on for our top four cruise cabin hacks that are guaranteed to change the way you sail!

Score extra hanging space

Generally, the back of the bathroom door and a wall mounted hook or two are the extent of a cruise cabin’s hanging space. Instead of resorting to draping jackets, towels, hats and other bits and pieces over beds, sofas and chairs, why not stash a few magnetic hooks into your luggage? You can pick them up from most home depot stores and with cabins generally featuring plenty of metal, you should be able to stick them up in just seconds.

Create mood lighting

For safety reasons lighting candles in cruise cabins is absolutely forbidden. And unfortunately, the pre-set lighting modes are often too bright to create mood and ambience. Whether you want to enjoy a romantic night in or simply relax with a good book, throwing some battery powered tea light candles into your suitcase will create instant ambience, without the risk of fire.

Hang onto your room key

Lost room keys are a common occurrence on cruise ships. Rather than carry around your key in your wallet, pocket or handbag where it could easily get lost or misplaced a quick trip to the pursers desk will ensure that you’re never left keyless again! Simply bring along your own lanyard, then ask the desk staff to punch a hole in the corner of the card for you. Voila! You can then wear they key around your neck or wrist and not have to worry about where you’ve put it.

Side step energy saving switches

While they’re great for saving electricity, key card powered electricity switches can make it very difficult to charge devices during the day when you’d rather lounge by the pool than sit around your room. To get around this simply slip another wallet sized card into the slot. Just don’t forget to turn off any lights and devices you don’t need!

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