12 Signs You’re Ready to Travel like a Grown-Up


While backpacking and hostel hopping do have their merits, some people will eventually reach a point when it’s time to say farewell to the good old days. Are you ready to start travelling like a grown-up? To help you decide if now is the time, we’ve put together a list of 12 tell-tale signs that it’s time to change your travel style.

1) The thought of a shared dorm room makes you shiver

2) Rather than Burger King and McDonald’s, you’re all about gourmet dining and upscale restaurants

3) You’d rather fork out a little extra cash than endure the cramped seats and lacklustre food of a no-frills airline

4) Instead of the $5 goon bag, you opt for the $20 bottle of vintage

5) You sort hotels by rating, not by price

6) You don’t mind splashing out for a once in a lifetime experience

7) Nowadays, you place value on service and amenities, as well as price

8) You’ve replaced your backpack with a fancy new set of luggage

9) You start dreaming of luxurious two-week getaways rather than yearlong backpacking trips

10) You couldn’t possibly travel without a hairdryer, full toiletries set and the rest of life’s little luxuries.

11) Planning your holiday outfits has become one of your favourite pastimes

12) Clean, comfortable and secure are absolute accommodation essentials

If any of the above sounds like you, you’re definitely on your way to becoming a grown-up traveller. Thankfully, that doesn’t have to mean that your budget gets blown out the water. Cruises are a fantastic way to travel in style without the sky-high price tag. At Cruise 1st you can find incredible deals on a huge range of packages, from whirlwind weekend getaways to month-long multi-destination adventures. Whatever your need, our team will help you find a cruise holiday that perfectly suits your new-found grown-up travel style.

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