Royal Caribbean Takes on Wildlife Traffickers


In the wake of signing on as an ocean conservation partner with the World Wildlife Fund, Royal Caribbean has made yet another gesture of devotion to Mother Nature. Together with 16 other companies, it will join the U.S. Wildlife Trafficking Alliance (USWTA) in a bid to come down hard on animal trafficking. Simultaneously, it will actively educate passengers on the dangers the ‘black market’ poses to fauna across the globe. The announcement came on March 3, a fitting date that just happens to be World Wildlife Day.

Using market power for the greater good


As a line used by more than 5 million holidaymakers every year, Royal Caribbean has serious sway when it comes to influencing passengers. Sure, fine dining, sun bathing, socialising and exploring destinations are all major parts of a cruise. But as well as offering passengers unforgettable holidays, Royal Caribbean is also using its popularity to influence buying behaviours, and build wildlife crime awareness.

Part of this commitment involves giving its on-board vendors and suppliers a once over in order to eliminate any illegal products. The line will also educate passengers and crew on how to spot souvenirs crafted from illegally sourced animal materials.

Every year, the illegal wildlife trade generates a huge US$10 billion in criminal profits. Poachers may be cashing in, but the market threatens the survival of rare and endangered species, as well as puts the lives of everyday animals at risk. Royal Caribbean’s new partnership with USWTA is part of a global initiative to stop wildlife trafficking, and ensure that the line doesn’t indirectly support prohibited wildlife products.

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A rounded approach to conservation

In fighting the wildlife trafficking trade Royal Caribbean is strengthening its commitments to environmental sustainability, across the board. Complementary initiatives include the line’s environmental stewardship program, WWF partnership, removal of high risk seafood species from its menus and in-house Save the Waves programme. As an industry leading eco-friendly programme, Save the Waves elevates cruise conservation to new heights.

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Want to cruise with an eco-friendly conscience? As one of the biggest lines in contemporary cruising, Royal Caribbean sails to an incredible line-up of destinations, and makes an impressive effort to minimise its environmental footprint. From exploring colourful reefs in the Caribbean and marvelling at seabirds in the Med to whale watching in Alaska and swimming with dolphins in Australia, the line prides itself on its wildlife centric experiences.

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