Princess Cruises Sets Sail to Trinidad and Tobago


With a long history of sailing Caribbean waters, Princess Cruises is no stranger to the palm tree fringed beaches, sparkling blue waters and eternal sunshine of the tropical region.

Now, the line is continuing its Caribbean love affair with the addition of a brand new destination set to make an appearance on its 2017-18 itineraries.

In search of island life

As well as popular ports throughout the East, West and South Caribbean, Princess ships will also call at the twin-island republic of Trinidad and Tobago. The destinations are part of the line’s exciting new 14-day itineraries, with the “Circle Caribbean” route sailing out of Florida’s Fort Lauderdale and including a stop in Trinidad. For passengers wanting to soak up the laid back vibes of Tobago, the “Caribbean Connoisseur” voyage makes a beeline for Trinidad’s smaller sibling.

“As the amount of visiting ships grow in number, so too are the variety of on-shore activities and tours available for cruise passengers on both islands,” says Keith Chin, Chief Executive Officer at the Tourism Development Company of Trinidad & Tobago. “Cruise ship passengers disembarking on our unique islands can enjoy live local entertainment, a variety of island and community tour options and free Wi-Fi, all in a safe and secure environment.”


Paradise found

Over the past few years the stunning twin-island country has been welcoming an increasing number of cruise ships, attracted by its quintessential tropical charm. For passengers, the islands offer a host of delights, from towering jungle fringed mountains, bustling central food markets, incredible biodiversity, a fascinating history, vibrant local culture and a welcoming nightlife scene. Plus, for fans of the Beach Boys, making a pilgrimage to the home of the illusive “Island Girl” is a dream come true!

Divers will love the chance to immerse themselves in kaleidoscopic underwater worlds, brimming with tropical fish and other marine life. For bird watching enthusiasts, the protected Tobago Forest Reserve is a mecca, while the luxuriant rainforests also make for prime hiking territory. When the sun goes down, sip on a cocktail, bask in the balmy evening air and dance the night away to boisterous calypso music in a local bar.


Book a cruise to paradise

While the line’s Trinidad and Tobago cruises don’t launch until 2017, there are still plenty of opportunities to soak up Caribbean sunshine on-board a luxury Princess Cruises vessel. For more information on upcoming voyages, contact our friendly team of Cruise 1st customer service experts on 1300 793 345.

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