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Since 1965, Princess Cruises has been carving a name for itself as one of the world’s most innovative lines. This year, the high seas institution has upped the ante and revealed plans to launch the industry’s first EVER circumnavigation of South America, departing from Australian shores in January 2017. Calling at 28 ports across 18 countries, the epic 84 night Circle South America Sea Princess voyage is set to attract adventurers and luxury lovers alike.

“This is the first time it’s ever been done from Australia,” exclaims Stuart Allison, Princess Cruises vice president Australia and New Zealand. The itinerary has been in the making for five years and for the team behind the magic, it’s incredibly exciting to finally unveil all their hard work.


Colour, culture and South American charm!

Adhering to the latest cruise industry trend of overnight port stays, the itinerary will see the sunset AND sunrise in Buenos Aires, Lima and Rio. Passengers will also have the chance to soak up South American vibes in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador and Uruguay. All while enjoying the comfort, luxury and exceptional service of the Princess Cruises experience.

So what experiences are making our hearts beat faster? From exploring ancient ruins and spotting rare wildlife to getting lost in cobblestone streets and dancing the Tango, here are a few of our favourites!

Iguaza Falls

  • Cruise down the historic Panama Canal

Celebrated as the greatest shortcut on the planet, the Panama Canal is one of the world’s man-made wonders. And what better way to experience it than by cruising through it on-board the luxurious Sea Princess?

  • Hike Machu Picchu

The ancient civilisation of Machu Picchu is one of the world’s most fascinating relics. Princess Cruises is giving passengers a chance to uncover the mystery and sign up for an optional overland shore excursion to the heart of the ruins.

  • Soak up Iguazu Falls

Be mesmerised as water plunges 82 metres down the Iguaza River. And don’t miss a trip to the Triple Frontier where the waters of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay meet in a spectacular tri-border junction.

  • Explore the Galapagos Islands

From the colourful marine life and the flourishing bird colonies and the pristine beaches and dramatic volcanic landscapes, the Galapagos Islands have well and truly earned their UNESCO listing. Of course, an excursion wouldn’t be complete without spotting a world famous giant tortoise!

  • Traverse the Amalia Glacier

Did you know that 10,000 years ago southern Chile was encompassed with ice? While the field has long melted, it’s left behind the incredible islands, channels and fjords of the South Pacific Coast. Today, it’s the perfect place to spot the sea lions and dolphins that call the spectacular landscape home.

  • Get a local taste for Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires and Lima

Sometimes, a day call simply doesn’t allow enough time to really get a feel for a destination. That’s why Princess is offering overnight stays at three of South America’s most captivating cities. Marvel at the colonial architecture of Buenos Aires, sip one of the region’s famous red wines and let your hair down on the lively Latino nightlife scene. Take a selfie with Christ the Redeemer, then dance the night away on a Rio beach. Sample local cuisine in Lima before exploring some of its fascinating museums and cathedrals. Whatever you choose to do, time is not an obstacle!

  • Get lost on Easter Island

As one of the most remote landmasses on the planet, Easter Island is an utterly enchanting destination. Get immersed in the fascinating folklore of the ‘Rapa Nui’ people, feel dwarfed by the monolithic Moai stones and get lost in the sheer magnitude of the island’s extinct volcanic craters.

A supercharged season of cruising

The 84 night Circle South America is the star of the line’s newly released 2016-17 program which shines the spotlight on longer, destination rich itineraries departing from Down Under.

“We know Australians love our longer trips to Asia, Hawaii and Tahiti so we think they’ll jump at the chance to immerse themselves in the colour and excitement of South America as part of this landmark circumnavigation,” adds Allison.


While the departure date may be January 2017, Princess Cruises is expecting places to fill up fast. The one off voyage is a once in a lifetime experience and in a bid to offer passengers the highest level of flexibility Princess will be welcoming embarkations from Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland.

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