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Princess Cruises and Discovery Communications teamed up not too long ago in order to offer some memorable holiday experiences at sea, experiences that the entire family can get involved in. We absolutely love this partnership as it offers so many unique opportunities and thought it would be the ideal thing to feature on our blog.

Our favourite options are the Discovery & Animal Planet shore excursions and Shark Week. The Discovery shore excursions allows you to visit some of the most remarkable places on earth, while the Animal Planet excursions offer an in-depth look at some of the most amazing animals on our planet – you might even get to see a few face to face! Look for the Discovery Recommended, Animal Planet Recommended, Discovery Exclusive or Animal Planet Exclusive logo when you reserve shore excursions.

Animal Planet Zebras

We like the Shark Week option because sharks are awesome! OK, they may scare us sometimes and force us out of the water, but it’s important to remember that the ocean is their habitat, not ours, and the more we learn about them, the more we can monitor and track their movements, so we can hopefully avoid coming face to face when we least expect it.

Discovery at Sea with Princess Cruises

Discovery & Animal Planet shore excursions: These exclusive tours are only available through Princess Cruises and often provide once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Stargazing at Sea: During this tour, a Princess Cruises stargazing specialist will teach you how to find your bearings and how to identify the major constellations. The onboard library will also be stocked with astronomy resources so you can continue your exploration of the night’s sky even when the sun is up. One of our favourite constellation’s to look out for is Leo the Lion. They say that Leo was identified as the Nemean Lion which was killed by Hercules and he can be seen just above the moon.


Shark Week: A variety of activities and games that will challenge the entire family on the myths and interesting facts about sharks. Here’s a fact for you, did you know that some sharks walk instead of swim, using their fins like legs to stroll across the ocean floor! Shhh, don’t tell anyone we gave you a head start on the facts.

Deadliest Catch: Try your hand at being a deckhand with the Crab Sort Challenge. Buckets full of different types of plastic crabs are collected and sorted by each team as fast as they can while the elements are working against them. This game is only offered on voyages sailing Alaska.

Discovery at Sea Trivia Challenge: Trivia is getting an upgrade with new questions, photos and video footage from MythBusters, Animal Planet, How It’s Made, Deadliest Catch and more.

Finding Bigfoot: Mysterious and rather large footprints are located around the ship and it is up to you to keep a lookout for anywhere Bigfoot may have been. First guest to find all of Bigfoot’s footprint locations wins – get going, kids!

Gold Rush: Enjoy trying your hand at panning for gold without stepping a foot on land – kids, this one is for you, but it is only available on voyages sailing Alaska.

Green Screen Experience: This one is fun for the entire family! Step into a scene from hit shows Finding Bigfoot & Shark Week and capture a great souvenir.

Green Screen

How It’s Made: Take a backstage tour and see how production shows come to life onboard a ship – a nominal fee applies for this tour.

MythBusters: Uncover the truth behind popular myths and legends using scientific methods and everyday curiosity.

Discovery at Sea for Kids: Designed exclusively for the younger explorers amongst us, Discovery at Sea for kids offers the chance to build a rocket, learn about the destinations they are visiting and even find out about animals and where they live in the world. This is available on all sailings excluding Ocean Princess and Pacific Princess.

Images sourced via Flickr Creative Commons and Princess Cruises Media Center. Credit: Princess Cruises, enjoiskate8zoovroo and Marieke IJsendoorn-Kuijpers.

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