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It’s safe to say that on most luxury cruise ships, the focus is on enjoying life above sea level. Think sun-kissed pool decks, expansive ocean views, private balconies and so on. While French expedition cruise line Ponant does offer its passengers a whimsical luxe above deck experience, it’s also announced that its newest fleet members will feature the world’s first underwater lounge.

CEO Navin Sawhney has confirmed that the ambitious design will go ahead and that passengers will be able to sip on their drinks while gazing into the open ocean. With the first ship scheduled for completion in 2018, Ponant’s incredible underwater lounge is set to become a reality within a matter of years. Looks like the prospect of watching dolphins cruise by while sipping on a gin and tonic isn’t so farfetched after all!

Small ship luxury, at its finest

All 92 cabins will feature private balconies, while guests will also be able to make a splash in the infinity pool. At the rear end of the ship will be an intelligently designed “modular marina” that serves as a sundeck during at-sea days, and a zodiac/water sports equipment launch deck when stationary.

The media has been quick to pick up the story, with Telegraph cruise editor Teresa Machan commenting, “This is the latest in a raft of exciting developments for cruisers.” Not only does she praise the in-house innovation of Ponant engineers, but she also makes some lofty predictions about the future of cruising…

“Passengers will soon have access to purpose-built submarines, onboard amenities akin to those found on a luxury yacht and the ability to cruise to some of the most exciting destinations on the planet.”


Setting sail to the ends of the earth…

So what regions will the new Ponant fleet reconnoitre? In a teaser video, the line lists a myriad of ‘boutique’ destinations, that only small ships of its calibre are able to reach. The Great Lakes, Panama Canal, Amazon, Baltic Sea, Indian Ocean, Great Barrier Reef and the Mediterranean, are just some of the sailings on the horizon.

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Bon voyage!   

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