P&O Cruises sails to Moreton Island, expanding voyages to Queensland


One of P&O Cruises’ ships, Pacific Jewel, very recently took a trip to Queensland’s Moreton Island, representing the first of the line’s vessels to make such a visit.

Pacific Jewel carried 1950 holidaymakers to the Island during a four night trip from Sydney.

The visitors to Moreton island, which is the largest sand island in the world, had a fun-packed day of exploration, viewing its beautiful scenery and sandy beaches. The island is well-known for hosting great activities, such as whale watching, snorkelling, and other pursuits such as fishing and parasailing. When the cruise passengers arrived at Moreton Island they were given a very warm greeting by Jann Stuckey, the Queensland Tourism Minister, Ann Sherry, the CEO of Carnival Australia and David James, the Tangalooma Island Resort Director.

It’s not just the passengers of P&O who will benefit from travelling to the Queensland area, the local economy will also see a real boon from additional cruise tours planned to Moreton Island during the rest of 2013. The total additional revenue is estimated to come in at over AUS$1 million.

“Moreton Island is literally on our doorstep and we’re delighted to be giving close to twelve thousand interstate visitors the opportunity to experience its beauty for the first time in 2013”

— Queensland Tourism Minister, Ann Sherry

The cruise visits to Moreton Island have a wider significance, and show how popular cruise tours to Queensland have become recently. Indeed, the state is now the largest cruise state, second only to New South Wales! This increased tourist activity has produced an additional income for the Queensland economy, which is calculated as AUD$590 million during 2011-12, and this includes a direct investment of AUD$336 million.

“The addition of Moreton Island to the Queensland cruise map is another win for the state’s economy…Cruising has been the fastest growing segment of the Queensland tourism market during the past year, and the Newman Government is happy to support innovative experiences like the P&O visit to Moreton Island.”

— Queensland Tourism Minister, Jann Stuckey

About P&O Cruises:

P&O Cruises traces its foundations back 175 years and prides itself on providing fantastic and affordable cruise experiences. Aside from visiting some of the most beautiful locations in the world, all of P&Os ships host a range of activities and facilities to keep all holidaymakers busy. From fine dining in restaurants designed by celebrity chefs, such as Marco Pierre White and Atul Kochhar, to relaxing with a fine glass of wine in the fantastic concept bar, The Glass House, there are food and dining options onboard to suit every passenger. In terms of entertainment, P&Os’ ships are packed full! With cinemas, theatres and nightclubs, everyone should find an entertainment at their speed. With delightful onshore locations, also including a variety of activities and expert-led tours, you’ll be able to get the most out of new surroundings.

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