Norwegian Breakaway’s Ice Bar is the coolest bar at sea (literally!)


Norwegian Breakaway  is the coolest ship on the seas with its signature onboard ice-bar feature!

At its launch in early May 2013, Breakaway will have an Ice Bar that will offer New York themed cocktails, served to guests sitting on ice chairs, to be drunk out of frozen ice glasses.

All this follows the success of the Norwegian Epic’s ice bar which guests just loved.  The bar area will be kept at 17 degrees Fahrenheit, and this will help to prolong the life of the ice sculptures that will be placed around the room.  Brooklyn Bridge, the Chrysler building, and even the Statue of Liberty will feature as a tribute to Breakaway’s home port of New York City.

The Ice Bar will be located on deck eight, and will have a restricted access policy with only 25 guests allowed at once.  Reservations will be at a premium as the bar will only be open from 5.30 to 10.30pm with the nominal entry fee including two samples of the signature cocktails.

Despite its innocent name, Spiked Apple Juice packs a punch with sour apple schnapps, a splash of fresh lemon sour and melon liqueur.  Rock Center is a mix of ice wine, vodka, blue curacao and a club soda.

Enjoy some Broadway Dreams with a vodka and ice wine chilled straight.  Take a Yellow Cab of vodka, peach schnapps and orange juice.

Times Square Lights gives you glowing colours of Citron vodka, blue curacao and fresh lemon sour.  Citron vodka also features in the Central park with ice wine and lemon and lime soda.

For those who prefer a non-alcoholic cocktail there will be Lady Liberty, a strawberry puree with pineapple and lemon juice or a delicious Coney Island, with vanilla ice cream, orange juice and frothy milk.

To combat the necessarily chilly air temperature, guests will be loaned hooded coats and gloves to keep them cosy whilst they enjoy this totally unique experience.

The dining venues are equally exciting on the new ship, and something exclusive to Breakaway will be the first on-board seafood restaurant.  New York City’s Geoffrey Zakarian, famous for his appearances on Food Network and his passion for fine dining, will be launching Ocean Blue.  Guests will be able to experience the traditional seafood area, a sushi spot, a raw bar and enjoy Zakarian’s signature cocktail offerings.  In the day, Ocean Blue on the Waterfront will be offering a more casual seafood menu with a speciality of Zakarian’s favourite meal of oysters and a glass of wine.  All of the tables enjoy a full sea view and gentle breeze off the ocean.

Fresh, crisp, new and very exciting are all words appropriate to this latest addition to NCL’s fleet and there are a lot of regular cruisers out there who can’t wait for May 2013 to get their opportunity to join in the fun.


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