G Adventures Gets Wild with Far Flung Micro Cruises


Widely hailed as the king of small group expedition travel companies, G Adventures is a pioneer of socially and environmentally conscious globetrotting. Based in Toronto and reconnoitring destinations across the globe, its itineraries are nothing short of incredible.

From the Poles and the Amazon to the Galapagos Islands, the company’s motto of “small ships, big destinations” really hits home. Small but mighty, the G Adventures fleet takes passengers far beyond where two feet and a heartbeat could ever traverse.

“There’s adventure aplenty out there beyond the shore, but unless you’ve got gills or flippers, you’ll need a ship to find them. Marine tours are designed for travellers of all stripes, from experienced cruisers and sailors to landlubbers who’ve never set foot on a boat. And they go just about everywhere there’s water. If you can float there, you can go there. Go there,” reads the G Adventures site.


The path less travelled…

Want to know more? Here’s a glimpse at some of the awe-inspiring destinations stealing the spotlight on the G Adventures 2016 lineup!

  • Brave the icy cold ‘World of the Polar Bear’ on a cruise that glides into Norway’s Spitsbergen, the largest and only permanently populated island of the Svalbard archipelago. Bordering the Arctic Ocean, Norwegian Sea and the Greenland Sea, it’s wild, rugged and bitterly cold. And best of all – in among the glacial landscapes and stunning fjords live a population of 3000 polar bears. Binoculars at the ready!
  • Made famous by Charles Darwin and still renowned as the world’s greatest nature frontier, the Galápagos Islands are a mecca for wildlife buffs. The volcanic archipelago lies in the picturesque Pacific Ocean and is home to a host of rare species with suitably exotic names. Think the marine iguana, Pinta Island tortoise, blue-footed boobie, magnificent frigatebird, sally lightfoot and lava lizard for starters. Sailing on the beautifully appointed 16 passengers Estrella del Mar, the experience is intimate, exciting and just the right amount of social.
  • A tropical paradise of pristine waters, white sandy beaches and swaying palm trees, Dhiggiri Island is a destination that not all travellers are lucky enough to drink up. Sailing on Dhoni Yacht, G Adventures whisks passengers away on an idyllic island Maldives daydream with a splash of Indian Ocean adventure.


Want to know more about how to set sail on your very own G Adventures voyage? Check out itineraries today, or chat to one of our friendly customer service team members about wild deals with the industry’s most adventurous fleet.

Image via Flickr Creative Commons. Photo credits: Reeve Jolliffe, Roderick Eime, pantxorama


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