Remastered QM2 Set to Flaunt Art Deco Elegance


Synonymous with luxury, elegance and royalty, Cunard has long been renowned as one of the world’s most coveted cruise lines. The company has always been passionate about honouring its roots, and the remastering of the iconic Queen Mary 2 will do just this.

Inspired by the original Queen Mary herself, the makeover will draw inspiration from the styles that graced her decks 80 years ago. Launched as a symbol of recovery from the Great Depression, the ship took the concept of at-sea luxury to new heights.

With unswerving art deco flair, the Queen Mary was celebrated as the Atlantic’s most popular ship, right up until her Californian retirement in 1967. While she’s now a major Long Beach tourist attraction, her hallmark art deco features will live on when her successor emerges from her dry dock.

Recreating the glamour of 1936

Together, Cunard’s Director of Hotel Design and Projects Alison Clixby and illustrious British interior design firm SMC reimagined the ship’s interiors with an authoritative art deco aesthetic. The original Queen Mary was a key source of inspiration, as was Cunard’s majestic past. By blending traditional materials such as marble, brass and bronze Clixby hopes to recreate the ambience of a bygone era, in a modern setting.

“This year is the original Queen Mary’s 80th anniversary so it’s only fitting that there are so many of her designs inspired and reflected back in Queen Mary 2 remastered,” said Clixby. “With a wealth of Art Deco features and details the original ship was a true inspiration.”


Old features, reimagined

The process wasn’t easy, with Clixby and her team trawling through photographs and repeatedly touring Queen Mary in order to pinpoint finer details. One of the most anticipated features is the debut of the Verandah restaurant, a reimagined version of Queen Mary’s famed Verandah Grill. Both the circus inspired artwork and the dramatic black carpeting will be replicated, while the Grills suites and restaurants will feature a palette of soft tones, bold colours and fine detailing.

Kings Court buffet restaurant will be dripping with chandeliers, geometric diamond carpet patterns will span throughout public spaces and all suites and staterooms will showcase Paul Ward’s exclusive photographs of Cunard’s magnificent buildings located in Liverpool, Southampton and New York.

“As always with such an important and major project like this we went through many iterations and designs during the development phase and getting the attention to detail was very important. I am proud of what we have achieved and can’t wait for the new Queen Mary 2 to be unveiled!”

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Image via Flickr Creative Commons. Photo credits: Sacha Fernandez, Bruce Tuten

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