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Crystal Cruises has long been synonymous with unparalleled at-sea luxury, and now it’s taking this concept to the skies in 2017. As part of its plans to become one of the biggest leisure brands on the planet, the line has unveiled plans to launch Crystal Luxury Air, a sky-high endeavour that will see it introduce a twin-aisle Boeing 787 Dreamliner to its fleet.

Celebrating 25 years in style

The news comes in the wake of Crystal’s 25th anniversary and quite literally elevates the brand to new heights. It’s all part of the company’s grand plan to cement itself as a premier lifestyle brand for the next 25 years, or as they refer to it, “The Next Chapter.”

“Our intent is to make Crystal Cruises the core of what will become the world’s premier luxury hospitality and lifestyle brand portfolio, not only for the immediate future but for years to come,” explains Crystal chairman Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay.

Capable of carrying 60 passengers, the aeroplane will whisk passengers away to exotic destinations across the globe. Guests will be treated to fully reclining business seats and a full-service in-sky experience including gourmet food, free-flowing drinks and top-notch service. All in a whisper-quiet environment that’s sleek, stylish and utterly high end.

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Itineraries that soar

The plane will operate exclusive 28-day worldwide itineraries calling at up to 15 destinations. The idea is to offer travellers two or three days to explore before setting their sights on the next location. Itineraries take off from an array of different global cities, with destinations and tours focussing on luxury hotels, iconic world events, nature experiences, seasonal wonders, food and wine, history, local culture and other themes.

While CEO Edie Rodriguez admits that the itineraries aren’t necessarily cost-effective, she asserts that the line is simply delivering what guests want. “It’s all about exclusivity and luxury, and that’s what our guests demand,” she says.

So what sparked Crystal to launch such an innovative new concept? Rodriguez asserts that the line is simply delivering the globetrotting experience that its passengers have been asking for. “It’s sort of Crystal in the sky,” she says. “Our guests tell us this is what we’re looking for and we’re happy to deliver.”

As for whether or not another plane is joining the Crystal Luxury Air fleet anytime soon. According to Rodriguez, “Only time will tell.”

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