How Well Do You Know Celebrity Edge?


Set to launch at the end of this year, Celebrity Edge promises to alter the course of cruise holidays in ways like never before. The ship of the future and beyond, Celebrity Edge is the new standard bearer for the line, a revolutionary vessel whose focus on luxury and innovation runs unopposed by others of its kind. Elevated to the next level by a host of incredible new features, every aspect of the ship, from its accommodation and dining venues to its spa and pool area, has been made bigger and better, streamlining and evolving your cruise experience considerably.

Before Celebrity Edge takes to the waters of the world, why not test your mettle for the line’s upcoming vessel with this fun little quiz? However you end up doing, you might find yourself more than a little convinced to try out its incredible features in person.

Celebrity Edge’s accommodation is fitted with an innovative feature where its doors fold away to turn your living space into one big balcony, but by what name is it called?

In redesigning its spa, the Celebrity Edge team have joined forces with which world-renowned designer?

How many dining venues are onboard Celebrity Edge?

The Magic Carpet, Celebrity Edge’s cantilevered, floating platform reaches how many decks above sea level?

Which one of the following is not a complimentary main dining venue onboard Celebrity Edge?

Which all-new, innovative feature is part of the speciality dining venue Le Petit Chef?

Which class of suite affords guests the services of their own personal butler?

Celebrity Edge is the first ship ever to feature a Spa Wave MLW Amphibia table. Sounds fancy, but what does it do?

With so much going onboard, there’s a pretty sizable number of crew members making everything work, but how many exactly?

Lastly, how many knots of cruising speed will Celebrity Edge be sailing the seas at?

We hope that this quiz has showcased just how impressive Celebrity Edge really is – and now you’ve seen what it’s capable of, why not book yourself a holiday in time for its launch later this year? Head over to our dedicated page for a range of great Celebrity Cruises deals, or call our friendly sales team on 1300 803 734 for advice and assistance.

Image credits: Celebrity Cruises

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