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For some cruising is a once in a lifetime experience. For others, it’s something they’ll indulge in a handful of times throughout their life. There are even holidaymakers that love cruising so much that they make it an annual event. And then, there are the Caffarays.

In March, the US couple set sail on their 100th cruise. And what’s more, every voyage has been on-board the same ship! Amazingly, Bernard and Janice Caffary have managed to reserve the same cabin for 90% of their trips which have spanned over the course of a decade. Now that’s loyalty! Carnival has confirmed that in the company’s 43-year history, no one has racked up as many sailings on the same ship. We hope they have VIFP membership!

Crazy for Carnival

So what keeps the Caffary’s returning to Carnival time and time again? According to Janice, it’s the ultra-attentive service delivered by the crew, as well as the world-class entertainment that’s kept them amused for 10 years straight. “We really do like the crew – it’s a family atmosphere… A lot of the staff members call us ‘mum’ and ‘dad’,” she says. The pair is more than happy to return the love and regularly sport badges that read “I give crew hugs.” Their loyalty hasn’t gone unnoticed by Carnival, with Vance Gulliksen of the line’s PR team saying that “they love the ship and they love the staff, and it’s a big part of their lives… It’s a pretty amazing feat. We’re very excited to have them.”

A generation of cruise connoisseurs

While the Caffarys definitely fall into the ‘cruise crazy’ category they’re not the only ones who show a serious love for life on the high seas. 86-year-old Lee Wachtstatter is another US resident who can’t get enough of the high seas and has spent the last seven years on-board Crystal Serenity. Beatrice Muller is another of the industry’s most famous passengers, having taken up residence on-board Queen Elizabeth II for eight years. “My priorities on this ship are ballroom dancing, playing duplicate bridge, and trying not to eat – not necessarily in that order. I like all kinds of dancing, but right now I’m not dancing sambas or the cha-cha – I don’t want to jump on my new hip just yet,” she recalled to Telegraph Travel in 2006.

Thanks to the hugely attentive service, friendly crew, fabulous food, glitzy entertainment and constant flow of exciting destinations, cruising has become hugely popular with the older demographic. Keen to experience the perks for yourself? Cruise 1st has great deals across a huge range of Carnival itineraries, from week-long voyages to round-the-world trips. And who knows, you might end up loving it so much that you decide to spend the next ten years on-board!

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