Kathie Lee Gifford’s Pinot Noir Rosé Hits Carnival Ships


Wine and cruising are quite possibly two of our favourite matches on the planet. And now, Carnival Cruise Line and Kathie Lee Gifford have made the partnership all the more enticing with a brand new Pinot Noir Rosé blend from the GIFFT collection. The gorgeous former Carnival Cruise Line spokesperson was on-hand in Manhattan to launch the new blend and of course, make a toast or two!

California dreaming

The unique wine was created in conjunction with California-based vineyard, Scheid Family Wines. The company is one of the state’s most illustrious cellars and shares her passion for creating ultra-premium wines with affordable price tags. All grapes are 100% estate-grown which makes for wonderfully aromatic flavours.  We’re talking ripe strawberry, luscious raspberry and crisp red apple bouquets with a hint of juicy acidity. Cheers to that!

Carnival and Kathie share a mutual love of wine

Gifford was suitably excited to unveil her latest creations, saying “I love that I’m launching our Pinot Noir Rosé aboard Carnival, with whom I’ve had such a fantastic partnership for so many years now.”

And what better way to seal the deal than with a mutual love of wine?

“The fact that we can expand on that relationship through a love of wine is just all the better! I can’t imagine a better spot for folks to enjoy a glass of GIFFT wine than while relaxing out on the ocean aboard a Carnival ship!”

On-board, passengers will be able to sip on GIFFT wines in the ship’s main dining room, as well as at a variety of bars scattered across the fleet.

“Our guests have really embraced GIFFT wines to make them among the most popular offerings on our wine list,” said Carnival’s Vice President of Beverage Operations Eddie Allen.

He was also in Manhattan to join Gifford in an on-board mixology demonstration showcasing some of the latest summer-inspired wine cocktails. “The aromas and flavours of this Rosé are very ‘food friendly,’ and complement so much of Carnival’s vast shipboard culinary offerings,” he adds.


And for those of you who suspect Gifford may simply be riding on the coattails of a successful career as an entertainer, think again! Wine Enthusiast magazine has rated the GIFFT Red Blend as 91 out of 100, with the Chardonnay receiving 88 points. No doubt the latest Pinot Noir Rosé will receive equally as brilliant feedback.

Make a Toast with Kathie and Carnival Today

Images sourced via Flickr Creative Commons. Credits: Carnival-News.com

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