Cruise Tourism Brings Vanuatu Economy $34 Million Annually


A recent report has found that cruise tourism has benefited the economy of the Pacific Island national Vanuatu to the tune of $34 million. Carnival Australia, the Australian Government, and the World Bank Group member IFC all took part in funding the study,  which also showed that there has been a serious boost to employment opportunities in Vanuatu, showing that the cruise industry creates more the 3,000 job opportunities.

Tanna Girls - Vanuatu - Photo by ...your local connection


Every ship that sails into Vanuatu’s waters means an influx of cash into the local community, with the report showing that each vessel brings in about $257,000 of financial benefits to a wide variety of local organisations and businesses.

The study also found that an estimated $18 million from the cruise industry was brought indirectly into the Vanuatu economy last year, and Vanuatu Prime Minster Natuman believes this is only the beginning of the island nation’s cruise success: “There are twice as many visitors arriving in Vanuatu by ship rather than by air, but until now we have had no real data validating the importance of cruise tourism on the country’s economic growth and job creation. Based on this report’s recommendations, we can further grow the industry and provide more business and employment opportunities for our people,” he said.

Ekasup Village Vanuatu - Photo by Geof Wilson

Ekasup Village Vanuatu – Photo by Geof Wilson

This report not only shows the financial impact on Vanuatu, but it also outlines the potential economic boost to other potential destinations in the Pacific Nations.  Carnival Australia CEO Ann Sherry said “In addition to being a landmark study, this report is also a forward looking document that paints a picture of how other destinations in the South Pacific can leverage the benefits of cruise tourism as demonstrated by Vanuatu’s experience.”

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