Carnival Corporation Rolls Out Faster Wi-Fi Packages


Carnival Corporation has unveiled plans to add sophisticated Wi-Fi provision to all ships across its ten global cruise brands, including Carnival Cruises, Princess Cruises, P&O Australia, Cunard and Holland America Line. Each ship in the organisation’s international fleet will be fitted with pioneering satellite communications systems, which should dramatically improve at-sea internet connectivity for Carnival Corporation passengers.

Having already installed the new WiFi@Sea system to 30 of its ships, Carnival are confident the new technology will deliver on its promise of providing faster, more reliable internet connectivity to passengers willing to pay for a consistent internet service on-board. The enhanced system, which is currently in operation on selected Holland America and Carnival vessels, increases the internet bandwidth — allowing thousands of passengers to enjoy fast Wi-Fi speeds at the same time.

To complement the new internet capability, the company has also created a series of no-nonsense internet packages, which aim to factor in how a passenger uses Wi-Fi, and not simply how long they spend online. This new system, which will vary from brand to brand, is charged at a flat rate to encourage more customers to use the faster internet service during their cruise holiday.

Reza Rasoulian, vice president of technology operations for Carnival Corporation, said: “People don’t want to be restricted to time; our goal is to give passengers exactly what they want.”

Currently, Carnival are offering three internet packages to its guests: Social, which can only be used to access select social media sites; Enhanced, which permits some wider internet use; and Premiere, which gives passengers access to music and video streaming services, as well as video conferencing applications.

When asked to comment on the on-going success of the new internet service, Rasoulian added: “We have so many positive comments. More folks are getting connected, and there’s more awareness of the ability to more affordably access the Internet.”

Whilst Carnival’s improved internet service is currently only available on around thirty global vessels, the corporation is planning a mass global roll-out of the new technology which it hopes to complete before the 2017 cruise season.

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